Ring Report - may 2013

Ring Report

NO. 167, DES MOINES, IOWA - Justo Hijo of Magic, Inc.

2nd Mon., 7:00 PM at Felix & Oscars, 4050 Merle Hay Rd., Des Moines, IA


Email: bga0128@gmail.com

President Bob Burd opened our May Magic Meeting and introduced a new format that will actively engage more members to participate.

VP Jonathan May, our librarian/historian shared with us his passion for magic, and his commitment to reading and researching books and magazines as much as possible. He tries to devour six magic magazines and books monthly just to learn and improve his performances as a full-time magician.

Bill Trotter has a remarkable knowledge and even more impressive collection of magical effects. Bill has over 40 years of magic experience. He shared the history of the Die Box, from the first documented book by John Ponsin in 1854 to current versions of the sucker boxes. Bill shared how Austrian magician Johann Hofzinser (1806-1875) inspired the non-sucker version from a tea caddy routine. Then Bill proceeded to share a sampling of routines from his personal collection of 35 die boxes!!! His demonstrations and explanations of Michael Baker's beautiful craftsmanship, Ben Stone's, Mel Babcock's Thayer version of the sucker block box, and Bud West's Shennanigan boxes were astounding. Bill also shared an intriguing break-away box.

Bill's expertise and collection are to "Die for."

Aaron VanDeKrol shared his latest magic acquisitions, the color-changing hankies and Fantasio Appearing Cane. Aaron's preparing to perform in the youth division at the AbraCORNdabra Convention next weekend.

Jonathan May shared some money magic by folding a dollar bill, turning it into a twenty, and then having the dollar reappear in a coin purse. Jonathan learned from his wife how to make money disappear.

Ben Ulin showed us some slick coin vanishes, making coins appear and disappear from elbow to elbow and all over the place. His techniques and explanations were very well received. Ben has a long-running gig at Adventureland Park in Altoona every year.

Ray Thompson used a signed penny to show Matt Gregory how to use your mind power to conquer things that hold you back. He then demonstrated a silent routine by folding a penny in flash paper, lighting it, the penny disappeared in a flame, and reappeared from his mouth with a puff of smoke. Ray always challenges your mind.

Bruce Anderson showed a few highlights of the dollar bill, and then made everyone's dollar disappear to the highest serial number poker hand held by Steve Daly. Steve kindly returned all the money to the losers.

Bill Trotter had Dan Geers select one of twelve half dollars, initial it, and then have it disappear. Bill proceeded to open a large box containing another box, containing a smaller box, within another box, within a box of beans, and eventually a tiny box with a ribbon that contained the coin Dan had selected. Bill was proclaimed the "Central Iowa Boxing Champion" for the evening.

Bob Burd showed how he could peel off six $50's, take three away, and still have six $50's left. He repeated this four times, and then showed his wife the trick. She took his trick, peeled off three $50's from the six, but only had three left. When asked how he did it, Bob shared, "You have to be a magician."

Then he opened a wallet and produced a money tree of $50's. Bob wants to be an ATM machine when he grows up.

We concluded the evening with a drawing for door prizes among all participants.

Come join us in Des Moines the second Monday of every month for some food, fun, and fellowship.

Bruce Anderson