Membership Advantages

Why join?
The I.B.M. is the world's largest organization for magicians and for people interested in the magical arts. Our Brotherhood is made up of nearly 12,000 members worldwide with over 300 local groups called Rings in more than 73 countries. The I.B.M. is considered to be the most respected organization for magic collectors, amateur and professional magicians in the world! If you have a sincere interest in the art of magic, we invite you to learn more about our organization.
The IBM organization provides members with many things, including:
  • The Linking Ring Magazine 
The Linking Ring is a magic magazine mailed to all members each month. It is almost 200 pages of articles, reviews, and ads for magic products. There are columns on presentations, the business of magic, two columns on close-up magic, and a monthly "Hocus Pocus Parade" of trick instructions averaging around 20 pages. Magic history and history in the making appears in every issue.
Learn about other international club benefits here: Club Member Benefits
Dues for membership in the international club are as follows:
Adult member - (18 and up)
$65.00 - 1st year
$50.00 - anually thereafter
Youth member - (7 to 17)
$50.00 - 1st year
$35.00 - anually thereafter
Find out more about joining the national IBM here:
The local Des Moines club is Ring 167 - also known as Justo Hijo. Local membership provides you with:
  • Discounted tickets to professional magic lectures in the Des Moines area
  • The right to vote, voice opinion, and hold office in the club
  • Your link to a personal website, blog or other contact info - Advertise yourself and let people know what you are doing.  

There are different types of Justo Hijo memberships:
Active Member - Adults
$25.00 yearly
Associate Member - Spouse or Magic Assistant
$15.00 yearly
Junior Member -  Age 15 and under
$10.00 yearly
Honorary Member - Voted in by membership
All local memberships require a current membership with the International Brotherhood of Magicians.