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 (Bicycle gimmick cards) - A selected card is held by the spectator, a small packet of blank cards is touched to the selection and one of the blank cards copies the "unseen" selection. The copied card, after a few seconds again becomes blank. When the blank is touched to the "unseen" selection a second time the blank becomes the selection and the spectators selection becomes the blank card in their hand.     $5.00Ben Ulin
Shattered Hearts

 Effect: A card is chosen (the 4 of Hearts) and returned to the deck. The deck is shuffled and the magician now attempts to find the card. After a few cuts the magician shows the spectator the 8 of hearts. The spectator immediately informs the magician of the mistake. The magician looks at the card and says are you sure? What was the card? The spectator says the four of hearts and the magician thumps the card and 4 hearts fall visibly from the card leaving only 4 heart shaped holes in the card. When the spectator looks at the front of their card, it is now blank with only 4 hearts through the card!! Comes complete with:Instructions, special deck of cards, Unique card punch- to make unlimited refills.    $ 10.00Ben Ulin
 Mike Bornstein's Zoom Zoom Deck is a quick gag that can be used at any point in your show. It is suitable for close-up, stage and all venues in between.  As you begin to do a card routine you call attention to your deck of cards and toss it to a spectator in the audience. As the boxed deck comes flying towards their face it quickly stops short and comes back to you. The startled spectator often reacts with a scream as the audience laughs at the surprise.  Since Mike first started marketing this gag it has been used by many professional comedy magicians around the world and has even been part of several award-winning acts. Guaranteed to get a laugh. Self contained, always ready to go and is very easy to use. Comes complete with photo-illustrated instructions and a Zoom Zoom Deck.    $ 5.00Ben Ulin
Super Production Flowers 
 Imagine this… you show your hand empty on both sides. With your fingers spread, you reach into the air and instantly produce a handful of dazzling, colorful flowers. These special "spring flowers" comes with a secret device to make the stunning appearance easy to accomplish. 2.5" x 2.5" compressed size, expands to approximately 5 1/2" diameter.  Includes a handy strap to attach the compressed flowers to your wrist or other location and a clear plastic loop handle.    $ 5.00Ben Ulin
 It’s a powerful card marking fluid. Use Juice for Red and Blue Decks with ALL red and blue backed playing cards. Create your own marked deck designs. Here’s how it works: Juice for Red and Blue Decks features an exclusive coat-eating chemical that instantly removes the card’s finish, providing direct contact to the paper. The result is a huge, easy to read mark that’s invisible to the audience! Includes instructions and two ounces of each color in convenient leak-proof bottles. Juice is a substitute for many tricks requiring a key card, marked card, or memorized deck system!    $ 5.00Ben Ulin
The Money Monte  Show the fronts and backs of three cards, let's say a Seven and two Fours. Tell your spectator to keep their eye on the Money Card - the Seven. Very slowly and in the fairest way possible, the Seven is turned face-down and placed on the table. The spectator is asked to put their finger on the Money Card. When that card is turned face-up it has CHANGED and the Money Card is now in your hand! This is repeated AGAIN, even slower and yet, the Money Card is still not to be found! Magically, the Money Card turns face-up while "sandwiched" between the other two cards - TWICE!      5.00  Ben Ulin
Glitter Ball Production 
 These colorful balls on a ribbon will easily fit into your favorite production item. When you pull them out, they open into a glittery string of metallic balls.   $ 3.00 Ben Ulin
Impossible Card to Bottle 
 A card is selected, signed, returned, and lost in the deck. The card appears in a sealed bottle of clear soda. The card is poured into a cup, floats to the top, and the spectator unfolds it to reveal the signed selection!      $ 15.00 Ben Ulin
 Magic With Cards 
113 Easy-to-Perform Miracles with an Ordinary Deck of Cards
 This is an excellent book to learn lots of different card tricks. It has both beginner's and some advanced tricks. With this book you'll find tricks using key cards, spelling, setup decks, red & black card effects and much more. $ 4.00