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The Des Moines chapter of the
International Brotherhood of Magicians
Ring #167 - since 1937

The official club name is: 

Justo Hijo of Magic, Inc.
"Justo Hijo" is a magical sounding phrase taken from the
Spanish language which loosely translates to, "Righteous Sons" of magic.
“Justo Hijo is an organization governed by the bylaws of the IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians).
Our goal is to support and promote the craft of magic as an entertainment art in our community.”


Our Next Club Meeting:

Monday, April 2
7:00 PM

at Felix & Oscars 


Chris Rawlins

We have a guest lecture on Monday, April 2 by Chris Rawlins 
a mind-reader and performer from Manchester, England.

For More Info Contact: 

 We hope you can join us for some Magic and Fun!


 Justo Hijo meets the 2nd Monday of almost every month
at the Felix and Oscars Restaurant in Des Moines.
Felix and Oscars Restaurant
4050 Merle Hay Road, Des Moines, Iowa

Felix & Oscars Restaurant

(Look for the Hobby Lobby / Haymarket Mall just north of Merle Hay Mall).
When we meet at Felix and Oscars, everyone comes to eat at the restaurant in a back room between 5:30 and 6:00. 
The official meeting begins at 7:00 PM.
Visitors of all ages are welcome and you can bring family members or friends if you like.
It is free to visit our meeting (you’ll need to pay for your meal, of course).
Most meetings have a featured activity. It could be a lecture, contest, themed performance, video night, etc.
We also set aside time to allow people to perform anything they want for the group.
This gives everyone a chance to show off their stuff or work out new routines in front of a receptive and supportive audience.
Feel free to bring something to perform if you like.
We hope you can join us. 

Upcoming Magic Events!!

abracorndabra 2018 banner

 The ABRACORNDABRA Magic Convention 2018
May 18, 19, 20 


January 18th - (24 HOURS ONLY -EARLY BIRD SPECIAL)     
Only $150.00

January 19th – February 18th, 2018     $165.00
February 19th – March 18th, 2018             $175.00
March 19th – April 18th, 2018             $185.00
                   April 19th – May 17th, 2018                   $195.00                  

May 18, 19, 20  2018             $200.00 (At the Door)


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Latest Ring Report:

January 2018

President Mikayla Osman kicked off the club meeting by welcoming everyone. Monday's club meeting had about 20 people show up in below zero temperatures.
Announcements- Elias Arbuckle received a scholarship for Magi Fest Jan 25-28 by performing in a charity show. He was one of the few young magicians who performed to receive the scholarship. Check out the full article on this scholarship Magi-Fest offers, and how cool Eli was selected to receive it here - https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/articles/2017-letter/

* Christian Manahl just finished up a theater show with youth in Ames. He also is part of an improv troop at Iowa State that performs every Wednesday at 9 pm in the Maintenance Shop.
*Dan Geers came back from New York because he was "meeting" with Santa there. While he was in New York he visited the Fantasma Magic Shop. Also in the shop is a Harry Houdini Museum, which he said was pretty cool! 
*January 18th is the early bird ONE DAY registration for AbraCORNdabra,The Midwest Premier Magic Convention. For more information about this visit- http://abracorndabra.com/register/
* PAY YOUR DUES with money due to Johnny Ulin!

Performances- Danny Pierick: Danny did an amazing card trick. He had Hesham pick a card, and Danny took the card back and made the ink disappear from a deck of cards. A real fooler that the whole club thoroughly enjoyed.
 *Elias Arbuckle: Eli chose to start a card trick with the end by introducing a prediction. Then Eli proceeded to have Christian picked a card, memorize it, and return it to the deck. Eli went back to the end where he predicted the number 27. Christian then counted 27 cards down and VOILA, found Christian's card! 
 *Christian Manahl: Christian made a PSA about the Morgan dollars he lost. Then made them appear at his finger tips. He then proceeded to transform them into poker chips, and ended with a killer jumbo coin. VERY GREAT!!!
 *Hesham Hassan: * Hesham did his initiation routine and blew us all away! Hesham did a tribute to his younger days with a wonderful routine where he made a plastic ball jump from hand to hand, then turn into a streamer, ending with a reproduction of the ball, which turned into an Egg. Very good sleight of hand magic! Welcome Hesham to Justo Hijo!
 *Johnny Ulin: Johnny used his comedy skills by handing out a deck of cards and used a rope instead. Then tied a knot in a rope and it visually jumped from end to end.The rope was split into two and eventually three, then instantly turning back into one rope. A very well thought-out and entertaining routine!

Magic is alive here in the Central Iowa at the Des Moines Magic Club. SOO much talent! Hope to see everyone on February 11th for the Next Meeting. The theme is around love and Valentines Day, but feel free to bring anything you are working on!                                                                                                                     Mikayla Oz, Justo Hijo Magic Club President



The Justo Hijo of Magic, Inc.
The Des Moines chapter of the
International Brotherhood of Magicians is Ring #167
Our 2017 Officers are:
President: Michael Osman
Vice President: Bob Burd
Secretary: Bruce Anderson 
Treasurer: George Noble