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I'm getting married!! No clue why ;) but the fact remains that I'm getting married.

Shaadi is a small private affair @ home. Strictly nobody that I (or my friends or relatives or neighbours) haven't met in the past 25 years. These latter folks are all invited for the reception held the
following day, though 

So where does that leave us??

1. If anybody wants to gatecrash the wedding…you're absolutely welcome, and free mein lunch bhi milega…and I would personally love to see some familiar faces in the gathering :)) Bas kisiko mat batana ki maine bulaya hai :)

2. Discreet arrangements have been made with...the moderators that anyone not attending the reception will be
immediately unsubscribed…in silence and without deliberation. 

Unfortunately, despite having awe-inspiring places like Nagarjunasagar
dam and Ramoji film city in the near vicinity, this is still Hyderabad
and not Barmer or Sikkim, so I can't promise a fundoo ride experience
or anything :( but what I can promise is that I would be extremely
grateful, thrilled, delighted and generally over the moon if any of
you could make it…for the wedding or reception or both.

Seriously guys…do try and be there. After all, this is one occasion
(Old Monk sessions being the second) where you would like to see the people who really matter present. The dates are both over the weekend, and Hyd is an overnight Volvo/train/flight journey away from most places.

Dates and other trivia:

1. The girl's name is Anumeha Gupta. She's of somewhat indistinct

Bihari origin, but is of otherwise excellent
character :) Top-class personality and all…

2. Marriage is on Saturday March 14, 2009…roundabout 11am at home.

3. Reception is on Sunday March 15, 2009

4. (Fine print): Dates and times subject to change without prior notice.

As far as possible, just let me know your plans a few days in advance
so I can arrange for accommodation and stuff. Feel free to call me at
995955584 for anything.