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Family Trees & Personality Illustrations

Family Trees:

Personality Illustrations:
My Personality Illustrations are like caricatures, but with a twist. These watercolor illustrations are one of a kind pieces of art that capture the personality and interest of your loved ones.

Great for Birthday & Christmas gifts, Baby Showers, or New Arrivals.

Most illustrations are completed on unframed 11x14 watercolor paper. Prices range from $100 (Basic paintings like the examples at the top) to $130 (More detail like the bottom)

50% deposit required at the beginning, the rest is due upon receipt of your painting. I accept cash, check, or major credit cards.

You let me know who you want & how you want their personality portrayed. (I can help come up with ideas if needed) I will e-mail you with a basic line drawing for approval before completing the painting.


Family Trees & Personality Illustrations

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