Shakuhachi making

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For traditional hand made shakuhachi by master craftsman Justin Senryu, and information on lessons and performance, please visit his new website by following these links:

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I make shakuhachi from 1 shaku up to 3 shaku 4 sun. I make in two different styles, one being the Edo/Meiji period style of "jinashi" which embodies the most musically refined style of Komuso shakuhachi. My jinashi making is largely influenced by Araki Chikuo. The second style is that which was developedy by Araki Chikuo's students, and are known as "jiari" shakuhachi. My jiari making is largely influenced by Araki Kodo III and other Kinko-ryu masters such as Miura Kindo.

My shakuhachi are suitable for all kinds of music. I have trained in Kinko-ryu sankyoku and honkyoku, Meian-ryu honkyoku, Chikushinkai doukyoku, Shinkyoku and Gendaikyoku. Each shakuhachi is uniquely crafted to best express the music which it will be used to play. My personal emphasis is on good tone colour for the traditional shakuhachi repertoires, jiuta sankyoku and koten honkyoku. When ordering a shakuhachi, we will discuss which repertoire you play, so that all techniques specific to your music will sound good. 

To sample the sound of some of my shakuhachi, I have made some recordings with no added effects or editing - just the pure shakuhachi sound. [For current shakuhachi and custom orders please contact me here.]