Justin Paprocki

I knew I wanted to become a writer when I was working for my hometown newspaper during high school. I covered our girls basketball team. What made it so exciting were the stories that unfolded - the little tales of woe or joy in each game. A player who struggles the entire night hits the winning shot. Or, the team that fights to make a comeback only to lose in the last second on a shot that falls just a bit short.

I think that storytelling, in fiction or nonfiction, can subtly be powerful. It’s just a small way to relate someone else’s experience. Hopefully, readers can take away something that can alter their lives, make them a better person, or see someone else in a more understanding light.

Since high school, I’ve continued working at newspapers. I work full time as a features writer at The Island Packet daily newspaper on Hilton Head Island. I've written in-depth articles, quick bits of comedy, features and hard news. 

On the pages of this site are the stories that I've told.