2012 Fall Internship
United Parcel Service
Chris Swimley, Site Supervisor
Michael Blount, Internship Advisor 

United Parcel Service
2311 York Road
Timonium, MD 20193

My Contact Information:
Cell Phone: 717-688-0706
Email: jm1565@messiah.edu

About UPS:

For my internship I worked for the United Parcel Service.  The United Parcel Service has three different locations within the United States for their information system departments.  These locations include Maryland, New Jersey, and Georgia.  I worked in the office located in Timonium, Maryland which consists of over 300 employees.   The United Parcel Service which is often referred to as UPS is a package delivery company. UPS delivers over fifteen million packages a day and operates in 220 countries and territories around the world.  UPS’s main focus is logistics, which is the management of the flow of resources from one point to another in order to meet some requirements.  The information system departments at UPS are responsible for creating and maintaining the software that manages the flow of packages from one destination to another.  UPS has over 70 different software programs that are responsible for bringing a package from its current location to its final location.  Each software program provides its own functionality and importance to the process.

Job Title: 

Software Quality Assurance Intern

Job Summary:

My job title was a Quality Assurance intern but testing software wasn't the only task I was assigned.  When I first started working at UPS my first responsibility was to take inventory of all the workstations in my area which ended up to be around 200 workstations.  After inventorying all of the workstations we were then able to see how many more new workstations we needed and what workstations were out of date.  We now also know the users that are assigned to each workstation which will make it easier for workstations to be reassigned in the future if needed.  After taking inventory of the workstations I was then responsible for setting up new workstations.  I hooked the new workstations up to the right network and then imaged the workstations hard drive to the correct image.  After working with the hardware department for about 2 months I then moved to the PAS Quality Assurance department.  PAS stands for Preload Assist System.  PAS is the software that is responsible for providing handling instructions to the UPS workers loading packages into the trucks.  I completed over 250 test scripts while working at UPS.   Most of the test scripts were completed manually but I did complete a few test scripts that were automated by using Quick Test Pro.  Through interning at UPS I learned the System Development Life Cycle and how different departments within one organization work and communicate with one another to get a project done.