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Pics of Friends

1978-1997 - Holly grows up.  Justin tries. 

  • Both experience the joys of small town life.  Justin thinks he can sing and play soccer (not at the same time). 
  • Holly leads cheerers and tells people she knows karate. 
  • Proms come and go.  HS graduations. 

August 1997 - J & H meet each other at a Campus Crusade for Christ picnic at UNC Chapel Hill.

Nov 1999 - After 3 years of friendship, Justin realizes something is different about Holly and starts crushing...

A few weeks later - Justin tells Holly that he likes her. They agree to not date and Holly tries to interpret this bold move...

Dec 1999 - Holly smiles at Justin in a new way.

Jan 1 2000 - After surviving Y2K, the couple began dating.

Nov 2000 - Justin asks Holly to marry him. She says "Yes!" while Kenny G soothingly plays the saxophone in the background.

Aug 10 2001 - Vows are exchanged. Pictures are taken.  People dance. Food is eaten. And while the wedding was awesome, the marriage gets even better...

May 2001 - Aug 2006
Justin and Holly live in Winston-Salem, NC where a bounty of new friends and ministry opportunities kept them busy and full of love for each other and for those around them.

  • Oct '01 & Nov '03: Adopt two dogs, Montana and Neela (related story: Justin begins allergy shot treatments)
  • May 2003: Bought first home and discovered faux paint techniques. (picture)

Aug 2006 - Dec 2008
They move to Hamilton, MA, where Justin obtained a Master of Divinity degree at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

  • June 2007 and June 2008: Living and working in the Dominican Republic. (More from blog.)
  • May 2008: J and H discover that their little family is about to expand!  "Baby" Lewis expected in mid-January 2009. 
    (Oh yeah, Justin hopes to graduate and have a job by then...)
  • Dec 2008: They move back to Winston-Salem and prepare a nursery for a little person. 
  • Jan 2009: Tessa Nicole Lewis enters the world much quicker than expected and Holly and Justin are mesmerized by two little brown eyes. 


To be continued...