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Now you shall meet the two most important furballs in our lives.  We adopted Montana three months after we were married. Justin always knew that he was allergic to dogs, but we didn't realize the first ride home with the puppy would almost result in a hospital visit.  Thanks to allergy shots and medicine our lives were enhanced by this beautiful, sweet creature.  

After a couple of years watching Montana in the snow, playing with other dogs, and training her every trick we possibly could, we decided to get a second dog.  

Enter Neela.  

Neela is the anti-Montana...but in a good way.  Where Montana will lick anyone, Neela will greet you with a bark and run away.  She's shy, but cute. She prefers to sleep under the bed, if possible.  And for a grand finale, Neela can eat an entire broccoli stalk in a matter of seconds. And because she is sort of a runt, we like to think of her as the "eternal puppy."

So, there you go.  Our two puppies are beautiful and hilarious.  Hope you get to meet them soon.  Just remember, even though Neela will bark at you, it doesn't mean she dislikes you.

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