I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Oklahoma State University, in my hometown of Stillwater, Oklahoma.  I got my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin--Madison.

I specialize in issues in metaethics and ethical theory.  I am especially interested in challenges to moral realism, particularly those that arise from evolutionary psychology and moral disagreement. My core interests in metaethics have led me to think a fair bit about issues in moral epistemology and philosophy of language, and I also maintain side interests in applied ethics and social and political philosophy, especially issues related to the treatment of non-human animals and egalitarian theories of justice. For more information about my work, check out my research page.

I love teaching philosophy, and can hardly believe that I get paid money to do it. For more on my teaching, see my teaching page.

When I'm not teaching, reading, or writing about philosophy, you might find me running, cross-country skiing, or making music.