Portfolio Overview

My name is Justin Garner, a Chemical Engineering student also working on a minor in Business Administration at Texas A&M University.  As I work through my junior year in college, I am seeking an internship as a Process Engineer. Previous experiences in student organizations and coursework at Texas A&M along with the lessons learned at previous jobs, I have learned the skills needed to be a successful engineer in the field of Engineering.  This ChemE-folio identifies my skills in these areas of responsible work habits, effective communication, and demonstrating technological proficiency.

Responsible work habits and ethics are a quality that any good engineer must have.  While working at the Planetarium at Brazosport College, I learned how to safely operate the expensive and complex projector which emulates the night sky on the spherical dome ceiling.  I was often solely responsible for opening the Planetarium daily, running the gift shop, presenting the educational planetarium show, and the cooling of the ‘star ball’ projector, to prevent damaging the costly lenses and filaments inside the machine. This position was offered to me upon high school graduation in part due to my outstanding performance in the planetarium director’s astronomy class the previous semester.

Being able to communicate effectively is a necessary tool for success as an engineer.  During my first semester at Texas A&M, I realized I wanted to become more involved with the University and applied to the Texas A&M Student Government Association, the Aggie Recruitment Committee and was accepted.  After a successful first year recruiter, I applied for the Aggie Recruitment Committee IT Coordinator position and was appointed.  As the IT Coordinator, I used my skills as an effective communicator and organizer to bring a majority of the executive board members together to vote via the internet when physically forming a majority was not possible due to the summer break.  As a process engineer, it will be required at times to use various forms of communication to work well with a team in all situations.

Technological proficiency is a must-have in a growing and technologically advancing business culture.  Throughout my educational career I have introduced myself to several technological cultures.  I have taken a computer literacy course every year for the past eight years, through both high school and college coursework, and became an editor and designer of my high school’s web site.  In college, I used my technological skills to demonstrate my capabilities as the IT Coordinator of a Student Government Association organization.  Continuing my education in technological proficiency, I have taken courses which include basic computer programming and technical writing as part of the engineering curriculum.  I believe being computer literate will help me communicate effectively in a growing corporate society.

I believe the accomplishments and skills outlined in this ChemE-folio confirm that I am an outstanding candidate for a position as a process engineer.  If you feel my qualifications meet your position requirements, I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you personally.  You may contact me at 979-373-8328 or email at Justin_14@neo.tamu.edu.  Thank you for taking the time to view my ChemE-folio.