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Curriculum Vitae

Email: justine.pedrono"at"cepii.fr  


2013-2017: PhD program at the AMSE (Marseille, France):
          Currency diversification and banking stability
          Directors; P. Pintus (GREQAM) and A. Bénassy Quéré (Paris I)
          PhD Committee: A. Bénassy Quéré, O. de Bandt, N. Coeurdacier, R. Gropp, P. Pintus and H. Rey 

2012-2013: Paris School of Economics (Paris, France):
Master II Empirical and Theoretical Economics (research): multivariate time series; microeconometrics; international macroeconomics; portfolio management.

2010–2011: University Paris Dauphine (Paris, France):
Master II in International Economics: economic policy; international monetary system; applied international economics; international risks.

2009 –2010: University Paris Dauphine (Paris, France):
Master I in International Economics and Economic Development: univariate time series; microeconomics; macroeconomics; international macroeconomics; economic development.

2006 –2009: Catholic University of Lille (Lille, France):
B.A. in Economics and Finance: applied mathematics; statistics; growth theory; macroeconomics; microeconomics; financial markets; management.


December 2017 to present:    Economist at Banque de France ACPR, Paris France
          Fields: : Banking, International Macroeconomics and Finance

October 2016 to December 2017:    Economist at CEPII, Paris France
          Fields: : International Macroeconomics and Finance

May-August 2016:     Internship at the Bank for International Settlements, BIS, Basel, Switzerland
Fields: Banking and international economics
Providing support on research projects related to banking economics and international finance.

March-November 2015:     Internship at the Banque de France, ACPR, Paris, France
Fields: Banking and panel data analysis
Developing a panel data set based on banks’ balance sheet and currency exposition. Data analysis involving microeconometrics methods to study the relationship between leverage and currency diversification.

February-September 2012:     Visiting Researcher at UC Davis, The iLiNS Project, Davis, California, USA
Fields: Microeconomics and Economic Development
Data cleaning in Bukina Faso, data analysis in Davis, presentation of results through final workshop in UC Davis.

April-December 2011:     Research Assistant to the Chief Economist of AXA Group, Paris, France
Fields: Macroeconomics and International Finance.
Collection and analyses of economic data, and participation in economic research projects such as the Blue Book from E. Chaney (chief economist of AXA Group).


J. Pedrono, "Currency Diversification of Banks: A Spontaneous Buffer Against Financial Losses", WP 2016 - 11, 2016

J. Pedrono, A. Violon, "Banks’ Capital Structure and US Dollar Diversification of Assets: Does Reduction in Systemic Risk Offset Agency Costs?", AMSE WP 2016 -10 , 2016

J. Pedrono, A. Violon, “Banks’ Leverage Procyclicality: Does US Dollar Diversification Really Matter?”, AMSE WP 2015-43, 2015

J. Pedrono, “Banking Leverage Procyclicality: A Theoretical Model Introducing Currency Diversification”, AMSE WP 2015-39, 2015


French: Native speaker

English: Competent in written and conversational English: 
            -    Test of English for International Communication Score: 810 (2008) 
            -    Toefl Ibt: 93 (November 2012)

German: Elementary knowledge

Software: Competent in: Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook, Eviews, Stata, Matlab, Dynare.


Sports: Horseback riding (national level competition), Shooting (Bronze medal, French Championship, 1997)


Stefan Avdjiev, Senior economist, BIS, CH

Agnès Bénassy Quéré, Professor, Paris I, FR

Patrick Pintus, Professor, AMSE, FR

Steve Vosti, Associate Adjunct Professor, UC Davis, USA

Henri Sneessens, Full Professor of Macroeconomics, University of Luxembourg

Alain Trognon, member of CREST-ENSAE and Associate Professor at University Paris 1

Updated: 01/01/16