9 July 2018 -  Justin is interviewed by Asian Scientist Magazine, see interview here

23 May 2018 -  Justin gives a commentary on recent developments in 2D plasmonics "Plasmon propagation pushed to the limit" published in Nature. 

17 April 2018 -  Likun's article "Plasmon geometric phase and plasmon Hall shift" is published in Physical Review X. It is also featured in Physics News and Commentary. Congratulations Likun!

9 March 2018 -  Likun's work on Fermi arc surface absorption is featured in A*STAR Research,  an online magazine highlighting some of the best research and technological developments in A*STAR research institutes.  

22 November 2017 -  Hasdeo's paper  "Long-lived domain wall plasmons in gapped bilyaer graphene" is published in NanoLetters. Congratulations Hasdeo!

14 November 2017 -  Justin receives the Singapore Young Scientist Award (YSA 2017)  for his work in quantum materials at the Istana, Singapore. 

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Group contact information:
justinsong [at] ntu [dot] edu 
justin [dot] song [dot] cw [at] gmail [dot] com

Who we are and what we do:
We are a theoretical group that focuses on unveiling the inner workings and physics of quantum materials. These include 
gical materials such as Dirac/Weyl semimetals, topological insulators, and 2D van der Waals materials, amongst many others. While focussing on theory, our group has
 an unusually close rapport with experimental groups. The unique interactions arising from these often lead to new scientific discovery.

A selection of popular material about the group's work:  

                Geometry and Topology in plasmonics
Physics news and commentary - "Hidden structure of plasmons"
                SPMS research highlight - "Theory of internal structure of plasmons"

                Manipulating Valleys in 2D Materials
                Science magazine perspective - "Harnessing Chirality for Valleytronics"
                MIT news - "Physicists find a new way to push electrons around"
                IEEE Spectrum - "Weird New Graphene Effect Makes Electrons Scoot Sideways"                                           
                Condensed Matter Journal Club - "Topological features and gauge fields in graphene superlattices"

Funding: Our work is supported by the Singapore National Research Foundation, as well as the Nanyang Technological University Singapore.