the Hannah Colton trust

A message from Hannah's grandfather, Jeff Robson 

Hello everyone,

To be able to write these words after just over a year is an incredible feeling.  Hannah has finished all of her chemo treatments and gets to go back to being healthy, happy little girl.   I know the family wants to thank everyone for their unending help and support.  

It makes me happy to say that the trust fund is being closed, and I'd urge everyone to look into Meagans Walk , SickKids Hospital, B.R.A.I.N. Child, and all of the other places doing great things to raise awareness.

I've left Jeff's original message below, and I'll be leaving the site up indefinetly, to remember the brave fight Hannah fought, and everyone that was here to help her out when she needed you.

Thank you

Uncle Justin


Dear Friends,

Josh and Jessica greatly appreciate your kind words and prayers. I think if we all work together we can all help them out just a bit. The internet is a powerful tool and we can utilize it to help this brand new family out in their time of extreme need. Most of us can recall the burdens in life when we started our families, although very few of us, thankfully, can truly understand the added pressure of having our children go through what Hannah is now experiencing.

If you have the ability and desire, I know that the family would be very grateful for any financial aid that you could afford to send.  With a trivial donation from those of us that can, we can all help them along this difficult road by letting them concentrate on what they are going through, rather than the burdens of day to day life, plus the added costs of travel and shelter, while they fight this terrible disease with their daughter. I am not speaking of significant amounts of money as they would not want you to put yourself out on a limb. I am speaking of as little as $5.00 each.

You can send donations, payable to Kempster law office, in trust for Hannah, to the following PO Box:

Hannah Colton in Trust
P.O. Box 81
Ingersoll, Ont.
N5C 3K1

Or send a donation online directly through Paypal, the same payment system eBay uses by using the button below:

For those without access to facebook, you can read about Hannah's story here

UPDATE:  Currently,  the Hannah  Colton trust is at  $6,652.26 .  Thank you to everyone for your help.  The family appreciates it more than you know.

Hannah's facebook page

Sick Kid's Hospital

Brain Cancer Research