Justin Buffat

I am a postdoc at the Department of Organizational Behavior at the University of Lausanne.

Research interests: Behavioral and experimental economics

University of Lausanne
Department of Organizational Behavior                                                                                                 Curriculum vitae [pdf]
CH - 1015 Lausanne
E-mail: justin.buffat@unil.ch
Phone:  +41 21 692 34 46

University of Cologne
Department of Economics
Economics: Design and Behavior (Chair Matthias Sutter)
50923 Köln

Working papers

Corruption and Cooperation (with Julien Senn), July 2018 [pdf], submitted 

Teams versus individuals: The intrinsic value of decision rights (with Matthias Praxmarer and Matthias Sutter), February 2018

Think about it, and decide: An experimental study on the effect of reflection on organ donation (with Lorenz Goette and Simona Grassi), June 2018, submitted

Charitable Preferences and Expectation-Based Reference Dependence: An Experiment on Charitable Giving, October 2016 [pdf]

Testing the speed of adjustment of the reference point in models of expectation-based reference-dependent preferences (with Julien Senn), July 2015 [pdf]

Work in Progress

Charisma and Multiple Effort Provision: A Field Experiment (with Christian Zehnder and John Antonakis)