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New Here?

Justification Means the End is a comic that gradually faded into existence over the course of several months, due to the actions of an unidentifiable person with the pseudonym "Amos Axiom."

Fanmail, comments, suggestions, compliments, and constructive criticism can be sent to Amos at the following email: justificationmeanstheend@gmail.com

Hate mail and death threats should be sent to the following email***: support@microsoft.com

***They should not be sent to that email at all. It was a joke, a.k.a a statement made chiefly for the purposes of humor. Please do not send hate mail and death threats to Microsoft support personnel. It's the people at the top who deserve it, not them. (Actually, I'm not even sure that email works.)

I'm also keeping the following list of my favorite comics:

This update from late 2009 was a solid comic. It's the sort of thing that Arky does. http://jmte.blogspot.com/2009/12/totally-forgot-to-post-this-up-with.html