A message from Justice William Marshall

The fact is that the Attorney General completed the removal of judicial independence in Fiji in April 2012.  The judges no longer do their duty and do not serve the people of Fiji.  They do what they believe the Attorney General would wish them to do.  In many cases this is specifically explained to them by or on behalf of the Attorney General. 
Some judges have been doing this since 2010 since they are used to the executive telling the judges what to do.  Others have started doing it in April 2012 because they know that if they do not do what the Attorney General desires they will be dismisssed.  A key "tipping point" in this process was when it became known on or about 12th April 2012 that my contract would not be renewed. 
So I petitioned the Prime Minister and the Military Council in a Petition dated 21st June 2012 for the dismissal of the Attorney General. 

The Petition and the supporting documents disclose all the relevant facts.  They can be accessed, perused or downloaded in whole and in part from this website.  My duty is to appraise informed opinion in Fiji of these facts which prove that Fijians are being cheated and are being deprived of justice in their law suits both criminal and civil.
Why a website?  I have no choice.  The Attorney General runs censorship and untrue propaganda.  At the end of my contract I wrote an uncontroversial letter to the Fiji Times on 15th July 2012.  I said on behalf of myself and my wife, that we wished to thank the people of Fiji for their welcome and their support to us.  It did not appear in the Fiji Times.
William Marshall
1 September 2012

Users of this website may have relevant information or comment on one or  more matters discussed in the petition.  Please supply such information or comment to Justice William Marshall at justicewilliammarshall@gmail.com