The Nevaeh Buchanan Pre-School Scholarship Fund

The Nevaeh Buchanan Preschool Scholarship Fund helps pay for preschool for children of families in need who would like to enroll at the Riverside Early Learning Center.  Families who are struggling might not be able to afford preschool, which educators say is important for success in future academic years.  Offering the Scholarship is directly in line with Justice for Nevaeh's mission of affording children every opportunity to excel.  Importantly, the Scholarship's focus is on the child as Justice for Nevaeh believes that all children should be given the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of an early childhood education.  Those benefits should not be taken away simply because the parents happen to have fallen on tough times.
Moneys donated to the Scholarship Fund go directly into a segregated, audited account maintained by the Monroe County Schools.  Donations to the Scholarship Fund can be made by sending a check or money order made payable to the Monroe County Schools to Justice for Nevaeh or to the Riverside Early Learning Center.  Be sure to indicate that the money is for the Nevaeh Buchanan Preschool Scholarship Fund.
Scholarship Applications can be obtained by contacting Alice Malik, Child Care Director at:
Riverside Early Learning Center
77 N. Roessler Street
Monroe, MI 48162
Phone:    (734) 265-4900
Fax:         (734) 265-4901