It has been quite some time since we've updated this Site.  We have been using Facebook almost exclusively.

Unfortunately, we are still seeking Justice for Nevaeh--it has eluded us so far.  The Monroe County Sheriff believes they have a strong suspect.  This man is currently in prison on unrelated charges.  We believe we know the suspect's identity.  We also believe there may be a strong connection between this suspect and Nevaeh's abduction and murder.  The problem is our belief, and the belief of law enforcement, is not enough to secure a conviction in a Court of Law.  A conviction requires evidence.

There are folks out there that have information that could help close this case.  We understand people's reluctance to get involved.  But if the cops are right, and they're "99.999% sure" they have the right guy, then all you are doing is confirming what they already know while at the same time giving them the .001% they need to ensure Justice.

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