THE CONCEPT OF JUSTICE: past and present



After eTwinning contacts between the two partners, the representatives of the two countries agreed on the important topic of 'The Concept of Justice - Past and present' that will motivate the students during a very difficult period we are spending in our society. We would like to let students discover how the idea of justice was born, how it was developed and how it is applied nowadays. Starting from describing how justice was first applied in our local history, tracing roots of local jurisdiction, researching information in our local archives and libraries, students could find out depictions of justice in fine arts, paintings, sculptures and modern street art and learn about organisation of law and order today: visiting, e.g. courts and jails and police stations.

Social justice can be traced and examined in surveys on child poverty, access to cheap goods, especially energy, and equal opportunities in education and jobs. The comparison of both regions will show similarities and might offer solutions to common problems. It will increase the students' knowledge of global developments in our European past, present and future and broaden their awareness of the historical, social and political significance of a common concept of justice.