Why Should you Support Rahul


In the current times the rampant corruption in Regional Transportation Offices (RTOs) across the country is a serious problem that is causing inconvenience to people from the entire spectrum of the society. It is extremely unfortunate that RTOs, which are a lifeline to today's growing transport sector of our country, reek of corruption. 
It is extremely important that adequate steps are taken to eliminate corruption from the RTOs in view of the most unfortunate and outrageous incident that has occurred with my friend, a third year UG Student of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. 
Sangh Priya Rahul, a third year IIT Kharagpur Student had received a complaint from an anonymous whistle blower against corruption in RTO at Hardoi.He went to the RTO with the complainant.The officials at the RTO asked him for a bribe which he refused to pay and he told them that he would file an RTI to expose corruption at that RTO.At this point about 20 RTO Officers assaulted him.As he lay on the ground, he was asked again whether he was ready to pay the bribe. He again refused to pay the bribe for which he was again kicked mercilessly by the Officers.He later on went to register an FIR against the said officers however the police refused to lodge an FIR.This incident has been covered by Amar Ujala (daily hindi newspaper). 
I request you to please take appropriate action to reduce corruption from RTOs so that such spine-chilling incidents of violence do not occur in the future.