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Please see  HERE,  how people have expressed their gratitude to an honest govt. official. This proves Honesty is always respected and worshipped

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I had a telephonic conversation with Mr.Rahul on 18/01/2012 to get firsthand information. An enquiry has been ordered into the incident on 19/01/2012. The enquiry will be conducted and completed by two Executive Magistrates within a week. In the meanwhile, I made a surprise inspection (‘raid’ in common parlance) in the Office of the Road Transport on 19/01/2012 and got rid of the brokers/middlemen roaming around that office and streamlined the office work to the benefit and convenience of the general public. Arrangements are made to help people who find it difficult to fill up their application forms. There will be proper signage all around in a day or two so that people can easily recognise the respective counters and get their work done without any difficulty. I have also directed the Asst. Road Transport Officer to conduct the mandatory driving test properly - however, it should be without any hardship to the new applicants for driving license.

I do understand that you (Mr.Anand Sharma) got disturbed over the issue and expressed your anger and anxiety. Since I on the other end did not say that you were harsh while talking to me over phone, there is no issue on that part!

Sundaram, District Collector, Hardoi

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Check the original Facebook Message HERE to see the responses of Indian Citizens 
The staff strength of Road Transport Office in Hardoi where the incident took place on 23rd December 2011 is 12. It seems that two or three clerks and some middlemen had beaten up Rahul and two of his friends on 23/12/2011. However, it would be confirmed only after the completion of enquiry by the Executive Magistrates (may be by 27th Jan.). Rahul is now at Kharagpur in West Bengal, and his two friends met me today at my residence on my invitation and narrated the incident happened on 23/12/2012.

A clerk has been placed under suspension pending enquiry and two personnel on contract have been removed from their work. Efforts are on to identify the middlemen who were said to have involved in the incident. I made another surprise inspection on 21/01/2012 and found the office free from middlemen. The display boards bearing information on requisite documents, necessary fees and timing of the counters are now kept in order. The driving test is regularised and the computerised registration process has been fine-tuned.

Thanks to all those who have given private messages complimenting the steps and efforts taken by the District Administration.

There are news items on some of the leading Hindi newspapers in this regard. One among them:

Sundaram, District Collector, Hardoi

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Check the original Facebook Message HERE to see the responses of Indian Citizens  
The enquiry into the incident where IIT Kharagpur student Sangh Priya Rahul and his friends were beaten up at Road Transport Office in Hardoi on 23/12/2011 has been completed last week. I could not post it immediately as we are intensely involved in the preparation for the Assembly General Elections 2012 (The eight constituencies of Hardoi district go to polls in the 4th round on 19/02/2012).
The enquiry officers found that two clerks and some of the middlemen were involved in the incident. One clerk has been suspended and another one is to be suspended shortly. FIR has been filed against the middlemen and some of them may be arrested sooner or later. The day to day work at this office has been streamlined to a larger extent. There are certain systemic issues which would be taken up in March after the assembly elections. I'll post the developments in a week's time.
I have received a well drafted 'Letter of Appreciation' from RTI Anonymous which encourages and motivates our officers to enhance their performance and improve the service delivery. Thanks to Mr.Anand Sharma for taking pains to send me this letter.
M.K.S. Sundaram, District Collector, Hardoi.

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