Puliyogare Gojju

takes approx 1 hour

Things you'll need:

250 gms seedless Tamarind

1/4 cup crushed jaggery (unde bella)

3 cups water to soak

How it's done:

Clean the tamarind removing any remnant seeds and fibers.

Wash tamarind and soak for at least 2 hours (up to overnight in the refrigerator) in just enough water, about three cups.

Hand squish tamarind to take out all of the pulp. This might take several minutes of squishing. When you are done, squeeze out all the fibre and discard until thick pulp is left.

Heat a non-reactive thick bottomed pan or kadai on medium heat and pour all of the thick pulp into it and let it come to a gentle boil. It begins to appear like fiery tiny bubbling volcanoes.

Keep stirring to avoid scorching until the intense bubbling gives way to mellowed hissing sound and a thick paste. The consistency of the Gojju goes from being like dosa batter to idli batter to thick jam. Add in the crushed jaggery and keep stirring till the paste comes together as a single mass peeling away from the sides of the pan and moves in the pan when tilted. This takes anywhere between 45 mins to one hour.

Cool completely before storing Gojju in an airtight container. It thickens a little bit more after cooling.


Gojju stores well in the fridge for up to a year.
Always use a dry spoon to handle Gojju to avoid spoilage.
Preferably use old tamarind to make this Gojju as It lends a deeper color and taste.



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