Archangel Uriel : God's Light brings "clear knowing" illuminating your path and purpose. Spiritual and intellectual understanding is one form of receiving divine guidance. 

Each person is formed with
infinite love and care.
Each person is a vital conscious portion of the universe. Each person, simply by being, fits  into the universe and into universal purposes in a way no one else can. Each person's existence sends its own ripples throughout time. The universe is conscious at every conceivable point of itself. Each being is an individualized segment of the universe; then, in human terms, each person is a beloved individual,  formed with infinite care and love, uniquely gifted with a life  like no other. ~ Seth

Invocation to Awakening

I call the child that I AM
To take my hand and teach me Joy.
I call the child that I AM
To show me the delight of discovery
In all the worlds that I AM.
I take my hand and dance
With the patterns of the Galaxies.
I open my heart and sing
With the patterns of Mastery.
I AM the child that I AM
And I awaken all that I can be.
I awaken I AM.

by Tashira Tachi-ren

Invocation to the Light

I live within the Light,
I love within the Light.
I laugh within the Light.
I AM sustained and nourished
By the Light.
I joyously service the Light.
For I AM the Light.
I AM the Light,
I AM the Light,

  Welcome to Just Channeling!

This site is dedicated to those who seek the LIGHT!

Just Channeling has a desire to make available the wonderful abundance of inspiring and empowering messages on the internet. We combined spirituality
with technology to create a library of messages 
updated twice a week to assist people in finding  personal alignment and well-being. Our aim is to
 inspire your thoughts and guide you to a more
conscious creation of your life.

Messages posted Monday's and Thursday's each
week to our google group and delivered
 to your email box.

 Channelers supporting Just Channeling

This is a list of some of the channelers whose work is shared through our mailing list.

Anrita Melchizedek
(Pleiadian Light Network), Joan Walker (Masters & Archangels), Shanta Gabriel (The Gabriel Messages), Suzanne Lie (Arcturians), Geoffrey Hoppe (Crimson Cricle), Shelley Young (AA Gabriel), Shelly Dressel (Goddess of Creation), Sabine Sangitar (Kryon School), Anrita Melchizedek (Pleiadian Light Network), Patricia Cota-Robles (Era of Peace), Jayme Price (Crystalline Soul Healing), Marilyn Raffaele (Arcturian Group), Marlene Swetlishoff (Rainbow Scribe), Kara Schallock (Solstice Rising), Paschalis Kazakopoulos (Angels House University), Celia Fenn (Star Child Global), Suzy Ward (Messages from Matthew), Meg Blackburn Losey (Spiritlite), Ray Dawn (Archangels & Masters) and more...

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Comments from subscribers

I LOVE the service you provide with Just Channeling, and thank you for including the Crimson Circle messages! I checked out the energy of your website and can feel the following qualities: Integrity, authenticity, service, love, compassion and healing/transformation. ~ With honor
 and blessings, Geoffrey Hoppe, Crimson Circle

We all know there are many good channels with inspiring, empowering messages (or people who say they channel) available online. How does one sort through it all and read what is of high quality and what resonates without spending hours surfing and sorting? So much good information so little time. Just Channeling is the best source I have found for
 high quality, current and informational messages. I receive between 10 - 20 channeled messages weekly to my inbox and am able to quickly, effortless find the ones that resonate. When I want  to see the entire list of material  I simply go to the Google Group and quickly scan by title.  I find
 this easy and well organized and very valuable
 for my own contemplation and study. 
~ Jim Self, Mastering Alchemy

Thank you, Karen!  Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year!  Your vision in creating the Channelings has brought this information to the rural parts of America where we would not otherwise have access to this information. These channelings have “saved” me over and over throughout the years. May God Bless You for what you do! ~ Love, Rae Ann

Thank you, Karen!  I think I will be a member for life, your channeled messages are so wonderful.  Happiest of holidays to you and, thank you for trying so hard to get me set up on your site with all the problems I had in the beginning.  It has
 already had a profound impact on me. ~ Kind regards, Kismet

I had to let you know how much your posts have meant to me, especially the past few weeks. The one today that began "Our birthing process is speeding up once more" really resonated and I LOVE the energy clearing technique!!! I can say with 100% certainty that this is the most aware I have ever been in my 45 years and I can't put into words how elated I am about this transition taking place!!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for helping us have a better understanding and making the flow more gentle and peaceful!!!
~ Blessings to you!!! Kristen

Thank You for your excellent light work. I can't
begin to explain how much your sites have meant to
 me personally, what a wonderful education I have received from studying and meditating on the channelings. Your obvious sense of organization (combined with excellent taste and intuition) allow us to see an "overview" of what is being channeled, and that is completely new to the metaphysical community. Thank you, Karen and may God
and the Ascended Ones bless every aspect of your life and work. ~ Love/Adonai, John

I just LOVE, LOVE your site and all that you are doing. YOU are a blessing and bring miracle energies to my life and to so many more folks who read your posting and magnificent illuminating photos! Your work and networking with others is beyond words and is a true service to our Creator/ess and creation reminding us all of who we are as we heal and awaken in unity. Loving ABUNDANT blessings are yours for continued enrichment in your life and in all that
you are doing.  ~ Jody

I can’t tell you how much these channelings have given me hope and patience. ~ blessings, Carol

I so appreciate having all the channelings in one place.
~ blessings, Ellen

Thanks kindly. I really enjoy the channelings.
~ Love and Light, Melissa

Thanks for all your good work and dedication.
~ blessings, Nell

Thank you very much for your kind and generous
work.  ~ You are appreciated greatly, Deborah

Thank you for the joy and blessings  that you bring to all  of us. ~ with light and love, Judy

Karen, I will continue to support your work. It
has been such a blessing to me and countless others. My guides seem always to steer me to
the Just Channeling rather than to the channels' own websites because often there will be several messages that they want me to read,  and
 it takes me a long time to channel the messages myself. (and sometimes I'm not clear enough to
do it, anyway). So  Just Channeling has been indispensable to my guides.  They LOVE it.  And
we ALL love you.  God bless you and your work, in every aspect.
~ John,  The University of Texas at Austin

Your work on distributing the various channelings is
so much needed! I treasure them and read each one. They are an important part of my on going learning and discerning. I appreciate the hard work and dedication very much. ~ Love, Laura

Please continue Just Channeling! I treasure it. Thanks for all your hard work. I am chanting for you: Nam-renge-kyo. (Buddhist chant – it works for whatever you need. Also from Djwhal Khul: numbers to unlock wealth: 4-10-888-6225
(big emphasis on the 5).  ~ Good Luck! Linda

Thank you so much for sending “Just Channeling” messages. May God bless you with good health. ~ Lots of love, Mr. D.

                         Every day is a gift!

I Am Grateful      

 the I AM Presence is the God Within Me. 

LeT   YoUr   LiGhT   sHiNe

 I Am purified, uplifted and  protected
     through my connection with the Divine.

 Dolphin . . .

               Breathe with me.
                      Breath of the Divine,
                              Manna of the Universe,
                                     In Oneness we entwine.

 About Karen Karbo

Karen Karbo awoke in 1996 after a car accident,
leaving her unable to work, losing her father to 
cancer, she started a journey to find out what her
purpose was in life. She touched many different
paths through studying aromatherapy, channeling,
crystals, numerology, sound therapy and reiki.
Not satisfied with the channeled material
 she found (and the time it took to look through
it all) she was inspired to create a better way. 
And Just Channeling was born.