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Free Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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1. What is GIS (U.S. Geological Survey)

2. Map Projections (Prógonos Consulting)

3. Database Concepts (University of Colorado at Boulder)

4. GIS Dictionary (University Of Edinburgh)

5. Introduction to GIS (Utah State University)

6. Guide to Best Practices for Georeferencing

7. Principles and Methods of Data Cleaning

8. Principles of Data Quality
Cartography is the science of map-making.  It comprises many problems and techniques, including:
  • measuring Earth's shape and features
  • collecting and storing information about terrain, places and people
  • adapting three-dimensional features to flat models (my main concern)
  • devising and designing conventions for graphical representation of data
  • printing and publishing information.
There is an endless variety of geographical maps for every kind of purpose.



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