The Love of our Lord Jesus Christ
  My, Hope and my Prayer is that the Lord Jesus Christ will protect my family and all those who are less fortunate in this world. My Hope and my Peace are within my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Who gives my strength daily and he is the one who has sustained me though the years he has given me. I have been blessed beyond measure.  My Prayer is to live until he comes for his Church. Only he has the power to give me that and his will is to be done. Many things have happened in my life that have been a book within itself.  My childhood was the most wonderful time in my life. I was blessed to have lived the life of a city boy and a country boy and to play sports of Football, Baseball, Basketball and to have played each one to a Championship level win some and lose some but it was how we played the game that counted Amen. I wish that I could say the same for my mother for she lived a life that I would wish upon no one. The words are not meant to be spoken of I have never spoke of them to any one within her family because it would tear the family apart. My Lord is my Shepard I shall not want he leadeth me beside the still waters he restoreth my soul surely goodness and Mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the House of the Lord Forever.  Amen

My Children I Love you much more than you will ever know but my True and Love of my Life is My Lord Jesus Christ. But I do Love you dearly my sweet Children who I have begotten I cannot completely explain the time in my life that those things within Love fall away it was though even before you were born but I was committed to live my life for you. To see you grow and care for you with all my Heart. I wanted to hold you and kiss you every time I saw you and so many things in this life that happened with you were moments of bliss for a father who Loves his daughters and wanted the best for them in Life. I am sorry if you think I let you down or I walked out on you or that you were the reason. That was never the case and you were never spoken of but only in Love. My Hope and Prayer is that you will see the Light and Jesus Christ will open your eyes the way he did mine.

The most Powerful way of conviction was what brought me unto my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the Messiah, The Anointed one of God. Praise be his Glorious Name.  My Lord has lead me to bring this page as a Ministry to help all who would be led here to know him in a Personal and Saving Grace that He alone can give you. I will continue to add links and more details about me my life and My Love. You do not know Love in this Life for a Mate without the Lord giving you both the Love that only he alone can grant to his Children who He Loves. I am thankful for the Woman he sent to me that shows me the sweetness and the blessed love that any man would want. I am a Blessed man I have lived a long life that was full of so many wonderful things. I Praise My Lord My God My Blessed Savior of my Soul. He name is Wonderful Counselor, Powerful God,
Father Who Lives Forever, Prince of Peace. Amen

Do as I say not as I Do?  Have you heard this old saying from your parents or grandparents.I can relate this to our own understanding of the Word of God from the way we were brought up or raised to adulthood. We have been programed to think in certain ways and to react to certain things in ways we were taught to. Our opinions and the make up of our personality is the core of most people's own perception of the way things are. We must be made New again from head to toe and to be as a Child again and let the Lord lead us in Humble Praise  of his Glory and Power. We as Children of God though Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who Died and Rose again to Life everlasting Blessed be his Holy name the Lord of Lords the King of Kings his Glory and Magnificence is the Awesome Anointed One Of The Holy Father  The God of Glory you see I speak as if there are more than one and again they are the same in one. We need to understand who we worship for this is of the Spirit of the Holy One of God. Without this understanding do we really know him.

                                     The Day of my Salvation !

I was invited to a Church one Day and I went not that I was looking for anything for at the time I thought I was happy. About half way though the sermon The Word of God Hit me like a brick my heart shuddered and I had to jab the pew in front of me because I felt the pull to stand up and go to the front right now. I mean I did not need a invitation. I was hanging on with all I could as the Devil within me told me to hold on and calm down don't be a fool and jump up in the middle of a sermon. I thought people will think you are crazy this is not natural you need a invitation just hang on you can get though this and go home everything will be ok.

So as the last song was sang I slipped out the door and headed home like I was getting away from what had happened to me I was wrong oh so wrong. I went home and had a couple of bears and smoked my cigarettes. Went to bed early in hopes to get this thing that had happened at Church off my mind because it had been with me all day. I did not sleep well that night and got up early to get to work and try and get my mind back in thinking mode. The day at work was more of the same I could not get what had happened off my mind it just intensified more and more. I was broken by the end of the day. As I drove home that day I cried all the way home.  I found the Preacher man number in my phone book and called him to see if he would come over.

I needed to talk to about what had happened. When he arrived I was in shambles all I could say was something happened yesterday and it won't leave me alone I told him about how the  
Word of God had hit me and shook me asunder. I needed to know what to do about this because I was miserable. He explained to me the Lord was dealing with me and he was convicting me of my life without Him. I said what can I do to be with Him. He led me on the Romans road to Salvation though my Lord Jesus Christ. My life was changed like within a instant the joy was overwhelming that went on within me. I was smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day  before that day none after that day. I did not ask Him to take them from me He just did He changed me in a mighty way.  I was a new creature in Christ Jesus I would never be the same. People were drawn to me  like the Light Within me Shined so Brightly they could feel His Love and His Spirit Living within me. He was so so so Good to me He Loved me First do you know that He Loved me a no good for nothing man that did not even know who He was but He Loved me enough to pursue me with His Love.

He was so Wonderful I am Living within this again Today He has returned the Joy of my Salvation unto this no good for nothing man that had turned his back on Him and left Him and returned to the life I was living and even more. I had been though a divorce and my children thought I left them. All this happened when I walking in sin and things within a life fell apart. I hope and Pray for my children and there mother. I have never wished any harm unto them. I only hope they can someday see me for a Father that always Loved them and wanted to hold them and kiss them as much as I could. The Lord is so Good to me and has Blessed me with Life more abundantly!   He has given me the Blessing's of a lifetime as I look back upon the path's I have taken He was always with me no matter what we think He will always Love you with the Love that only He can give unto us as His children.  
His Peace and Comfort is unexplainable you cannot understand the magnitude of all that He has for us. He is the Anointed One the Wonderful Counselor that intercedes for us every time we need Him.

He is and forever will be the Lord God of all the Universes in creation. As He explains to us in His Word that if He provides for the sparrows how much more does He care for us who Love Him.  The Words of Jesus say that Blessed are they that believe and have not seen. You must think deeply about His Word for it is truly amazing. You see the Blessing of God is upon us because we have Faith and Believe on Him.  It is humbling to think with these small minds about His Blessing's and the Love He has for us all.  If you read these words try to understand the Lord Jesus Christ Love's you and He Cared enough about us all that He left his Kingdom and came to earth.   

                                       Return unto your First Love

We must return unto the first Love as He Alone is the First Love.

I want all to know no matter what they have done the Lord Jesus Christ is Merciful and Forgiving. You can return unto the First Love or you can come to Him if you never know His Love before. He Loves you no matter what "Just As I Am" is from the Holy Spirit of God. When this song was written it was led though the Holy Spirit of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. His Grace and Mercy is beyond measure or comprehension  with our minds.

The Love of God is beyond everyone thoughts for His Ways are not our Ways and Our Ways are not His Ways. So we cannot understand how Wonderful and Glorious He is. His Blessing's and Long-suffering  are of His Love for those who Love Him. We can come to Him in supplication and seek His Face and He will Bless us with all that we can want or desire. There is nothing within this earth that can compare to the Glory of the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords.

Just remember that He First Loved You. He seeks after us for no one seeks after Him.  If we come unto Him  it is only because the Father has drawn us unto Him.  That is why I am so thankful for God is so so Good to me. He deserves all the Honor and Glory for He is Worthy. I want all to understand the Power that is within His Holy Spirit that He has sent unto us that gives us the Gifts of the Spirit that only He alone can do. This is why you need to see that His Love is why that all came to be. He Loved us and wanted us  to have all the Promises that he has given unto us from within His Holy Word.

The Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us and they knew Him not.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the Spirit of Prophesy. And His name is Wonderful and He is Glorious.  He is our Advocate and our Counselor The HOLY One of God the Almighty God we are so so Blessed by Him.  May the Lord be with you and Bless you in all you do.  

My Older Days are Better than my younger days! 

As I returned to the Lord as I stated earlier that He has taken me back with no condemnation. As I remarried to a wonderful woman from Purto Rico. She had known about the gifts of the Spirit which I had been taught all my life that were not for today. As I went to a First Assembly of God Church. I drew closer and closer to the Lord and I sought His Face. I went to a B/T weekend where I encountered the Holy Spirit! I beagn to speak in tongues.    



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