Mr. Prospector's Jewels

counter stats Just A Whittle Farm  ~ Mitch, Annette, Jennifer & Chelsea Whittle ~  Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

 Curious to see exactly what our stallion can produce? 
Below are a few of his finest offspring and their most recent accomplishments.


Eyes Lookin For Gold

2008 Appaloosa Filly

80% FPD

Mr. Prospector X Bright Eyed Brook

Currently has 8.0 points in ApHC Non-Pro, 6.0 points in ApHC Open Halter Mares, 

5.0 points ApHC FPD Mares, and 4.0 points in ApHC Hunter in Hand. 

2012 ApHC Top Ten Finalist in FPD Mares!

EyesABright Prospect

2004 Appaloosa Gelding

80% FPD

Foundation Pedigree!

Currently has 14.5 ApHC points in Aged Geldings, 6.0 ApHC points in Youth Halter Geldings, 

7.5 ApHC points in Non-Pro events, and 4.0 ApHC points in FPD Geldings.

Received his 2012 ApHC Halter ROM!

Encased in Gold

2001 Palomino Appaloosa Gelding

Mr. Prospector Sugarbabes Delight  

 KApOA Saddle Log Program Champion

His Prospects R Bright

2005 Appaloosa Gelding

Mr.Prospector X Investors Faith

Currently has 3.0 points in ApHC Hunters in Hand.

Gold Dont Rust

2003 Roan Appaloosa Gelding


Competitor in the KApOA Saddle Log Program!

 Prospectors Penny

2003 Appaloosa Filly 

Top Ten Yearling Halter in 2004 KY State 4-H Horse Show

BGSApHC Futurity Winner

Currently Owned by Bonnie Butler, Bronston, Ky


Flecks of Gold 

2002 Appaloosa Gelding

62% FPD 



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