Welcome to professional work of Tuan Tran, DArch who is working as Post-doctoral Fellow at School of Architecture, University of Hawaii at Manoa. For more information about him, please check  Resume and Contact

Tuan Tran presented his research on lighting control using DIVA tool at the DIVA Day 2014 conference in Seattle. Check the detailed entry

Tuan Tran currently won the first prize for the 2013 International Design Optimization Competition. Check the detailed entry.
This slide is Tuan's architectural fortfolio
For more detailed works, please refer to Architectural Fortfolio and Professional works page

Tuan's interest in high performance building design and using building energy and daylighting simulation, scripting to fill into the gap between architecture design and building science. Check out his research at > Research

His current research is to develop a dynamic tool for Net Zero Energy building design and analysis tool to explore the potential of renewable energy generation during the design process to reach the Net Zero Energy target. This tool is written using DIVA for Rhino3D, Grasshopper, EnergyPlus and Python > detail

One of Tuan's recent works during internship at Loisos+Ubbelodhe (www.coolshadow.com).  He studied on the responsive lighting system to control the transparent overhang, lighting dimmers for maximum daylighting and optimal level of artificial lighting. The video shows daylighting simulation using Radiance, DIVA Grasshopper and Python scripting > detail