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Welcome to my personal homepage!

I am a freshwater ecologist from Finland. I am working as a post doctoral researcher at the Department of Ecology, University of Oulu, Finland. 
My research is mainly focused on different aspects of ecology of lakes, streams and springs. I am working with various issues related to freshwater community 
ecology and my previous research is largely focused on biological monitoring and assessment of lake ecosystems. My current research is related more to streams habitats - in particular
those associated to and/or completely dependent on groundwater influx. More specifically, I am interested in

  • Development of biological assessment and biodiversity conservation of small water bodies
  • Restoration ecology headwater streams and groundwater-dependent ecosystems (GDEs)
  • Impacts of different human actions on GDE biodiversity
  • Climate change and GDEs
  • Role of groundwater in non-GDE freshwater ecosystems 

From these pages you´ll find my publications, presentations and other relevant info related to my research or myself.