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Teaching Effectiveness

The key evidence of my teaching ability derives from the end-of-term student feedback data, which indicate that students perceive my teaching style and assessment of their learning as effective. Student responses in the evaluations show that I have received an average rating of 1.3 (i.e., 1=highest, 5=lowest) on the overall quality of instructor question at the University of Delaware. Compared to department faculty, the results of my teaching evaluations place me in the top third of the department, which includes a number of winners of the University’s Excellence in Teaching Award. 

My high teaching evaluations are at least partially due to my attentiveness to my students' needs, use of active learning strategies, and dedication to mentoring in and out of classroom. I regularly reflect and modify my teaching methods in response to formal and informal feedback from my students. For example, following suggestions expressed by some of my students on their end-of-term evaluations, I started to deliver better structured mini lectures on those days when I lecture after student presentations. Additionally, I utilize student presentations and group work in my classes to engage my students and to stimulate their learning. Finally, I regularly advise my current and former students on matters related to their studies and career. I am particularly happy to hear of successes of a number of my former students who have remained in touch even after their graduation. 

I have outlined data reflecting my teaching effectiveness in a comprehensive document (see attached) that includes a one-page summary of all teaching evaluations, letter attesting to my teaching excellence, unsolicited student email messages, a nomination letter for Excellence in Teaching Award at the University of Delaware, summaries of student evaluations from courses taught, and a summary of evaluations from a teaching effectiveness workshop facilitated for the University junior teaching assistants (pdf).
Juris Pupcenoks,
Sep 11, 2011, 12:36 PM