NWC(Noteworthy Composer)

I'm not a music guru, but interested in music.
I'm a member of Christian Church, where I helped the other musician to use software and mainly we use Noteworthy Composer to print sheet music, which has intuitive interface.

I made nwc2xml(attachment) that converts Noteworthy Composer's file into MusicXML, so that other program can read it. It's output is MusicXML 1.0.
The program is under development, so it might crash with some version of nwc files.

There is one more program that I'm working on.
It is Noteworthy Composer Google Desktop Indexing Plugin(attachment).
By installing this and Google Desktop, you can search NWC files on your computer by title, author or lyrics.
This will make easy for you to search, if you have lots of NWC files.

All these programs might have bugs and can be crashed.
If you have any question, you can reach me by email.

 Simple Usage
nwc2xml.exe is a console program not a GUI program.
So you need to run from command prompt(Terminal for Mac, xterm on Linux) and execute nwc2xml.exe

1. Run command prompt.
Click 'Start -> Run...'.
Then, in the prompt, type "cmd.exe" for NT/2K/XP or "command.com" for 9X(95, 98, ME).
Then you will see console window.

2. Run nwc2xml.exe.
In the console window, type
"nwc2xml.exe [filename.nwc]"without '[' or ']'.
C:\Documents and Settings\user> nwc2xml.exe C:\Test.NWC
Then it will output "C:\Test.xml"

You might want to try "nwc2xml -log [filename.nwc]" to create a log file 'filename.txt' which tells more detailed information about the filename.nwc.

To access source code and help developing the code,

Main Features
Support for 2.0 is done. 9/17 '09
Support version 1.50, 1.55, 1.70, 1.75, 2.0.
NWC2XML supports log file generation, so you can check the result.
James Lee,
Oct 12, 2009, 11:59 PM