Quick Facts



  • working in theoretical high energy physics

  • based at University of Cincinnati, OH

  • completed PhD in 2002, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • postdoctoral fellow at Technion, Haifa, Israel (2002-2004), Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh,PA (2004-2006), CERN, Geneva, Switzerland (2007-2009)
  • assistant professor at Univ. of Cincinnati since 2010

  • assistant professor at Univ. of Ljubljana since 2007
  • editor in chief of popular science webportal&magazine Kvarkadabra (in Slovenian language), coauthor of four popular science books, participating in a collective blog

  • married, two kids


The most recent bibliography can be found from inSPIREhep at this link, along with the citation summary. The  SICRIS (Slovenian Current Research Information System) compilation and numerical/automatic evaluation is available here.  My most recent CV is available here.

In the news

Jure Zupan,
Jun 5, 2019, 8:30 AM