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Jupiter Track And Field Camp is designed to teach you the fundamentals of your event or events in Track & Field. The emphasis will be on providing you a great fun-filled learning week. You will be taught skills and techniques that will help you improve and better yourself as a athlete both on and off the track.


For track athletes, camp or school attendance is a common way to broaden horizons, hone skills, and learn by doing from specialist coaches and veteran athletes. It's a chance to meet new friends and become immersed for a week or two in track & field or running, an experience which can have noticeable effect on an athlete's progression in the sport. Publication of the following camp/school names and information should not be construed as a recommendation of any camp by Jupiter Track and Field. This listing is offered as information only about available camps. Parents and athletes should acquaint themselves more fully about facilities, staff, etc., before deciding which camp is best for them. Some of the camps exclude graduating seniors. The listing below, with many detailed display ads, originally appeared in the May 2010 issue of Track & Field News.
We invite you to Join Track Jupiter Track Club and become a member of the USA Track and Field Junior Olympics Program. USATF's largest youth program is the Junior Olympics , where nearly 70,000 youth athletes compete in local, association, and regional meets to qualify for the Track & Field and Cross Country championships. This grass roots program is for Men and women boys and girls 7 and up age. Local meets starting in March ending with the Junior Olympics in early August.
Jupiter Track & Field was developed to introduce young athletes to this sport rich in tradition and history. These programs combine technical development and fundamental techniques with safety and a major focus on fun! Using special equipment, our exercises and drills will prepare athletes for a future in cross-country, track and field events, distance running, while inspiring a love for running and being active. The fundamentals of body positioning, stride, proper stretching, and cool-down techniques are all covered in this unique program. Participants will put it all together for one fun-filled day at the end of the week at the Jupiter track meet!
Future Stars Summer Camps provide the finest specialty TRACK & FIELD camp programs in the Jupiter Florida area for boys and girls ages 10-18, with sites in the Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach County, and Martin County. 

Open to all girls and boys of ages who are interested in track and field, running and athletics. The Youth Athletics Program exposes kids to the fundamentals of track and field with an emphasis on fun and fitness

Jupiter Track And Field Club:
Email Address: simms24@yahoo.com
Call: 561-201-5601
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Jupiter Track
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Track & Field camps introduce Olympic-style events including cross-country, track and field events, and distance running. The end-of-week track meet is always a memorable experience! We aim to develop a lifelong love for being active.
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