Junzhu Su


UCLA, Department of Psychology 09/2011-10/2016
PhD in Cognitive Psychology with specialization in Computational Cognition Advisor: Prof. Hongjing Lu

Peking University, Department of Psychology 09/2008-07/2011
Master of Science in Cognitive Neuroscience Advisor: Prof. Fang Fang

Peking University, Department of Psychology 09/2004-07/2008
Bacholar of Science in Psychology
Thesis: “Ebbinghaus Illusion Outside Awareness” Advisors: Prof. Fang Fang

Research Interests:
General interests in visual cognitive neuroscience includes using methods such as psychophysics, EEG, fMRI, computation or neural recording to study perception, learning, and attention. Previously, I focused on the nerual mechanisms of perceptual learning of face views and face genders. Now, I am quite interested in human action cognition (specifically, with biological motion stimuli). I would like to investigate topics such as action categories, action prediction, and interaction between action and attention or awareness using psychophysics methods. I am also fascinated about other human high level cognitive functions such as decision making or complex reasoning using imaging techniques and quantitative modeling.

Research Experiences:
CVL lab, UCLA, PhD Advisor: Prof. Hongjing Lu 
The top down modulation of action prediction on Flash Lag Effect  03/2014-10/2016
--Discovered that forward walker modulated more on Flash Lag Effect compared to backward walker since people are better at predicting natural action
--To see whether upward actors will modulate more on FLE compared to inverted actors 

The role of meaningful interaction in action prediction 09/2011-04/2016
--Used psychophysics to study whether observing two actors doing meaningful interaction will help observers to predict the future poster of one actor.
--Discovered that humans excel in predicting when an action posture will occur in the future when viewing a single actor, but are better able to predict what posture will occur based upon a meaningful interaction between two actors. 

The role of meaningful interaction in action perception under visual conficts 10/2011-09/2015
--Used binocular paradigms to study whether the dancer doing meaningful interaction (salsa dancing) with a third dancer would been seen more often than a second dancer doing meaningless interaction with the same third dancer when each of the first two dancers is displayed to each single eye simultaneously.
--Discovered that people will perceive the meaningful dancer 8% of the time more often than the meaningless dancer.

Vision Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, Peking University Beijing, China Research Assistant Advisor: Prof. Fang Fang
The neural mechanism of perceptual learning of face view discrimination 04/2009– 07/2011
--Combined psychophysics and Electroencephalography (EEG) to study the neural mechanism of perceptual learning of face view discrimination.
--Discovered that, after training, the latency of N170 at the left temporal lobe (P7) evoked by the trained face view was significantly shortened and the induced gamma power by the trained face view at left prefrontal position was significantly reduced, both highly specific to the trained face view.

The effect of gaze direction on face view perception 03/2007 – 06/2009
--Used psychophysics to study the contribution of gaze direction adaptation to the formation of face viewpoint aftereffect.
--Obtained that a tiny (in terms of relative area) change of gaze direction in adapting face stimuli could induce a dramatic reduction in the magnitude of face viewpoint aftereffect while vertical inversion of the face stimuli almost abolished the reduction.

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