Jun Zhao

Hi, welcome to my web site! I am a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science, Oxford University. Here you can find out what I do, what I am currently working on, and how to reach me. 

My current research is about enabling better transparency and control of our personal information amongst digital things. By this, I want to understand how our personal information is being accessed and transmitted between digital devices and organisations behind them. Most importantly, I care about what we (as computer scientists) can do to build better technologies to empower users, having better controls and knowing more about what is happening to their data.

Currently, I am particularly interested in pursuing this important research topic under the context of:
  • Personal information sharing on the web
  • Personal information sharing on the IoT settings
I am actively working on 1) enabling personal data control; 2) establishing accountability on access to personal information; and 3) spreading the word on privacy risks associated with our usage of the web and mobile devices, to school and young families.



  • 2017-08: The Bileta report on "Have 'Generation Tagged' Lost Their Privacy" is now out, providing an excellent collection of practical recommendations to legal scholars and policy makers regarding young children's online privacy, what to do and what to consider!
  • 2017-06: Our Twitter analysis on French Election is now mentioned by TheConversation.fr!! The full article can be found here!
  • 2017-06: Really excited that my first collaboration with Oxford Reuters Institute for Journalism on media behaviour over French election is now out!!
  • 2017-05: We are recruiting 4 summer student internships, closing on June 19th midday. Tweet to me if you are interested!
  • 2017-03: Our work on privacy risk analysis associated with kids' usage of mobile apps will be featured in the Oxford University's first ever European Researcher's Night!
  • 2017-03: Accepted papers of EWSC'17 are now online. Proud to be part of it!
  • 2017-02: Our work on "Are You Aware of the Marginal Cost of Installing New Apps on Your Smartphone?" is accepted as CHI'17 Late Breaking
  • 2017-01: Excited to be part of our university's Parents for STEM Futures programme! Kick off in April!!



  • 2015-11: Started with the EPSRC SOCIAM project as a Senior Researcher, working on privacy and personal data!
  • 2015-08: Left Lancaster and moved back to Oxfordshire for family relocation, with plenty of best wishes from my warm colleagues and friends
  • 2015-06: The paper on From Peer-Reviewed to Peer-Reproduced in Scholarly Publishing: The Complementary Roles of Data Models and Workflows in Bioinformatics, a collaboration of the RO, ISA and Nanopub teams has been formally accepted by PlosOne!
  • 2015-05: List of accepted papers for TAPP'15 is now online: http://workshops.inf.ed.ac.uk/tapp2015/. Come and join us in Edinburgh 8-9 July!
  • 2015-04: Huge success of SAVE-SD workshop at WWW'15 Florence! See Twitter stories: https://twitter.com/savesdworkshop
  • 2015-02: List of accepted papers for SAVE-SD'15 is now online: http://cs.unibo.it/save-sd/2015/ 
  • 2015-02: Our RO paper on "Using a suite of ontologies for preserving workflow-centric research objects" is now online at JWS
  • 2015-01: Lancaster University launches 50 lectureship/fellowship positions for its 50th Anniversary!
  • 2015-01: Our paper on "Nanopublications for exposing experimental data in the life-sciences: a Huntington's Disease case study" has now been accepted by JBS


  • 2014-12: CFP for TAPP'15 is now out! We also have Prof. Rene Miller as confirmed keynote speaker!
  • 2014-11: Our First Workshop on Semantics, Analytics, Visualisation: Enhancing Scholarly Data has been accepted by WWW'2015!! CFP will be out right away!
  • 2014-10: Another successful year of Linked Science workshop @ ISWC: figshare.com
  • 2014-10: Presented our work on query generation of provenance data at Leicester University
  • 2014-09: Proud to be part of the Force11 FAIRPort Group: https://www.force11.org/group/fairgroup
  • 2014-08: Mark the date! Theory And Practice of Provenance (TAPP) 2015 will take place in Edinburgh between July 8 and 9, 2015
  • 2014-07: Our workshop Linked Science 2014 has been extended as a full-day workshop at ISWC'14
  • 2014-06: I was invited to mentor at the 1st BYOD workshop in Leiden between 24th and 25th of June.
  • 2014-06: We are launching a series of collaboration efforts with Combine Archives and CHIP projects under researchobject.org.
  • 2014-06: I am going to present our work together with Dr Honghan Wu and Jeff. Z, Pan from University of Aberdeen, on "Towards Query Generation for PROV-O Data", at ProvWeek 2014
  • 2014-05: Our work on "Structuring research methods and data with the Research Object model: genomics workflows as a case study" has been accepted for publication by Journal of Biomedical Informatics.
  • 2014-05: Our work on "Nanopublications for exposing experimental data in the life-sciences: a Huntington’s Disease case study" has been submitted to JBI.
  • 2014-03: I am invited to be judge on the Hack Smart Streets Hackathon. Look forward to exciting demos and to be inspired!
  • 2014-02: We are organizing the second edition of Provbench for Benchmarking Provenance Management Systems. Visit the website of the event to get involved here.
  • 2014-01: 75 studentships available for PhD study in Science and Technology at Lancaster University in 2014. Apply now|

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