I am a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Computer Science at Oxford University. My research focuses on enabling better transparency and control of personal information, analysing what happens to personal data, and designing interfaces to present this information to the users. This personal information can be generated by a wide range of digital things, like smartphones, smart home devices, etc. I care about building better technologies to empower users so that they can have better controls and knowledge about what happens to their personal data.

Currently, I am leading the EPSRC IAA KOALA projectspreading the word on privacy risks associated with children's usage of mobile devices, to schools and young families.

I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Manchester and was a Lecturer at Lancaster University. In the summer of 2015, I moved back to Oxford University.

Before embarking on my new passion for designing for children, my earlier research career has been focused on designing for the scientists, see my previous work below.


Research Objects for organising and sharing scientific research objects [more]

Assessing scientific reproducibility using provenance information [more]

Building an open Web of Scientific Data [more] [more]




    • 2018-12: Our summer focus group study with children from 12 different Oxon schools has now been accepted by CHI'2019. See a short promotion video here, and our open access manuscript here.
    • 2018-11: Now I can also be found in Oxford AI Academics!
    • 2018-10: Three media articles featuring our mobile data tracking work, at the FT, the Times and the BBC. 
    • 2018-09: Our response to the ICO's Call for Age-Appropriate Design submitted. Can't wait for more from the ICO!
    • 2018-09: Concludes a 4-month focus group marathon in Oxfordshire. Plenty of really exciting findings!
    • 2018-06: Partnership development, various user studies and app prototype for the KOALA project are in full swing.
    • 2018-06: Again, we are announcing summer internships with us this year, from July till September! 
    • 2018-05: Over the moon that we received the Best Paper award for our paper - Third Party Tracking in the Mobile Ecosystem at Web Science'18.
    • 2018-05: KOALA user study recruitment was in full swing. Despite the heat of SATS at UK primaries, we have received a great pool of interests and support from local primary schools! Super excited!
    • 2018-04: We are going to CHI 18 in Montreal. Our Oxford team of 9 attendees hit Montreal hard!
    • 2018-03: Our first workshop on Supporting Algorithm Accountability using Provenance has been accepted by ProvenanceWeek2018 and we already have 5 invited speakers lined up!
    • 2018-02: KOALA's first project report is now out! If you are a parent and want to stay SHARP for your child's online safety, please read pdf!
    • 2017-12: KOALA kicked off, and we are setting up a new page to share information about it!


    • 2017-12: An article advising parents on purchasing an Alexa for Christmas is published in Parent Zone! My advice: Parents should explain the implications of these technologies to their young children. They have a right to know! Happy Christmas everyone!
    • 2017-12: Our paper "X-Ray Refine: Supporting the Understanding and Refinement of Information Exposure Resulting from Smartphone Apps" is accepted to CHI2018!
    • 2017-12: Our journal paper "Measuring third-party tracker power across web and mobile" is accepted by TOIT, after 1 year of hard work. Thank you for our co-authors and the great feedback from the reviewers and editors!
    • 2017-12Our Twitter analysis on news media's influence in the 2017 UK General Election is out! This is our third collaboration piece with Reuter researchers!
    • 2017-11: Our X-Ray Refine demo in Oxford's Super Science Festival was a super success. 4,000 family visitors were there in one day!
    • 2017-09: Our project "KOALA: Kids Online Anonymity & Lifelong Autonomy" received further funding from an EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account Award, to be launched on 1 December 2017. Please stay tuned!!
    • 2017-08: The Bileta report on "Have 'Generation Tagged' Lost Their Privacy" is now out, providing an excellent collection of practical recommendations to legal scholars and policymakers regarding young children's online privacy, what to do and what to consider!
    • 2017-06Our Twitter analysis on French Election is now mentioned by TheConversation.fr!! The full article can be found here!
    • 2017-06: Really excited that my first collaboration with Oxford Reuters Institute for Journalism on media behaviour over French election is now out!!

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