Junyoung Chung
Research Scientist
Google DeepMind
Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms
Department of Computer Science
Université de Montréal
[firstname].[lastname][at] umontreal [dot] ca

About Me
Born in South Korea, I am now an artificial intelligence researcher based in London. I am a Research Scientist at Google DeepMind. Prior to this, I completed my Ph.D. under the supervision by Professor Yoshua Bengio. I majored in machine learning concentrating on deep learning. I am interested in many other fields besides machine learning, for instance, I am a crazy fan of astronomy. I am also a competent player in the Koprulu sector. :)

Research Interest
  • Deep Learning
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Meta Learning
  • One-shot Learning
  • Robotics
  • Sequential Models
  • I joined DeepMind.
  • Our paper, Hierarchical Multiscale Recurrent Neural Networks, got accepted at ICLR 2017 [pdf].
  • I did a fall Internship at Google Research (Mountain View), 2016/9 - 2016/12.
  • Our paper, A Character-Level Decoder without Explicit Segmentation for Neural Machine Translation, got accepted at ACL 2016 (oral) [pdf][code].
  • I was a visiting PhD student at NYU machine learning group (CILVR, working with Professor Kyunghyun Cho), 2015/10 - 2016/4.
  • Our paper, Detecting Interrogative Utterances with Recurrent Neural Networks, got accepted as the best workshop paper at NIPS 2015 Workshop on Machine Learning for Spoken Language Understanding and Interactions.
  • Our paper, A Recurrent Latent Variable Model for Sequential Data, got accepted at NIPS 2015 [pdf][code].
  • I did a summer internship at Microsoft Research (Redmond), 2015/6 - 2015/9.
  • Our paper, Gated Feedback Recurrent Neural Networks, got accepted at ICML 2015 [pdf].