Junyi ZHANG, Prof. Dr. Eng., Hiroshima University; ResearcherID
               Director of Center of Asian Sustainable Mobility Research (ASMO Center), Hiroshima University 
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I got a bachelor degree from Beijing Jiaotong University, China in 1987, a master degree and a doctor degree from Hiroshima University, Japan in 1993 and 1996, respectively. Since I got my doctor degree, I experienced working as a research associate in Hiroshima University, a consultant in the urban and transportation field in Tokyo and a research fellow in the Netherlands. My research fields include transportation planning, traffic engineering, urban and regional planning, environment and energy policies, and tourism policies in the contexts of both developed and developing countries. I have developed various methodologies (surveys, modeling, policy evaluation and planning, etc.) and applied them to analyze various issues related to the above fields from an interdisciplinary perspective, especially focusing on human behavior analysis and systematic approaches. In recent years, I have been especially promoting the life-oriented behavioral research for cross-sectoral policies. I have published more than 370 refereed academic papers (62 SCI/SSCI papers) in journals such as Transportation Research Part B, Transportation Research Part D, Journal of Transport Geography, Transportation, Transportmetrica, Tourism Management, Annals of Tourism Research, Energy Policy, Energy, and Environment and Planning B. I further published more than 300 non-refereed papers. I have been serving as a reviewer for more 20 SCI/SSCI journals and as an editorial board member or an associate editor for more than 10 internationally well-recognized journals. I was the chair of the IATBR Eric I. Pas Prize Selection Committee in 2013. I served as the editor-in-chief of the journal “Asian Transport Studies (ATS)” of EASTS (Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies), which is the largest transportation association in the Asian and Pacific region, since 2011. Currently, I'm one of five board members at the International Association on Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR).

    Contact: zjy [at] hiroshima-u.ac.jp    市民生活行動学  Life-oriented Approach

Especially, I'm recruiting students of the doctoral course. In my research group, English is a formal language (more than 2/3 of our students are international students).
Every year, there are a number of available scholarships, mainly MEXT scholarships (special course, university recommendation, embassy recommendation, etc.). Students are also welcome to apply for other scholarships, for example, Chinese Government Graduate Student Overseas Study Program operated by CSC, Vietnam government's 911 Program, and other governments' scholarships (e.g., Indonesia). For the CSC scholarship and 911 Program scholarship, Hiroshima University prepares about 20 and 5 positions for tuition waiver, respectively, every year. For those who are interested in this, please contact me.