Name: Weng Junxuan

Alias: Ron

Age: 20

Country: Singapore

I graduated from Nanyang polytechnic in March 2008 with a diploma in Digital Entertainment Technology(Games track). 

Short history of my Flash contact: 

I first "touched" flash in 2003, using Flash MX, but i did not like it immediately, because i do not understand flash actionscript at all and i do not like programming.

 2nd contact with flash was end of year 1 in polytechnic. We are required to do a game using flash. Again, due to my poor programming skills, i did not like it.

3rd contact, was during end of Year 3 in polytechnic. We are required to do a multiplayer flash game. During that time, i was already reasonably good in programming. Or should i say i starting to love programming. So doing the flash games was like a breeze and starting to know more about flash.

End of polytechnic, i read up on more things regarding flash. Like mochiads, mochi competitions. From there, i created my first game, the Piggy Bank. The game wasnt very exciting. So added a few challenges, stun,  combo points and named it Pank, The Piggy Bank. Wasnt very exciting but good enough. My rating for The Piggy Bank rose from 2.42 to 2.71 in Pank. Spent lots of time on it and i learnt lots of things from it.

 Currently hoping to do freelance flash programming for games in Singapore.