Beauty of Mathematics


(Written in Chinese) 

I am writing a serial of essays introducing the applications of math in natural language processing, speech recognition and web search etc for non-technical readers . Here are the links

0. Page Rank ( 网页排名算法 )

1. Language Models (统计语言模型)

2. Chinese word segmentation  (谈谈中文分词)

3. Hidden Markov Model and its application in natural language processing (隐含马尔可夫模型)

4. Entropy - the measurement of information (怎样度量信息?)

5. Boolean algebra and search engine index (简单之美:布尔代数和搜索引擎的索引)

6. Graph theory and web crawler (图论和网络爬虫 Web Crawlers)

7. Information theory and its applications in NLP  (信息论在信息处理中的应用)

8. Fred Jelinek and modern speech and language processing (贾里尼克的故事和现代语言处理)

9. how to measure the similarity between queries and web pages.  (如何确定网页和查询的相关性)

10. Finite state machine and local search (有限状态机和地址识别)

11. Amit Singhal: AK-47 Maker in Google (Google 阿卡 47 的制造者阿米特.辛格博士)

12. The Law of Cosines and news classification (余弦定理和新闻的分类)

13.  Fingerprint of information and its applications (信息指纹及其应用)

14. The importance of precise mathematical modeling (谈谈数学模型的重要性) 

15. The perfectionism and simplism 繁与简 自然语言处理的几位精英

16.  Don't put all of your eggs in one basket - Maximum Entropy Principles 不要把所有的鸡蛋放在一个篮子里 -- 谈谈最大熵模型(A)

17. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket - Maximum Entropy Principles不要把所有的鸡蛋放在一个篮子里 -- 谈谈最大熵模型(B) 

18.  闪光的不一定是金子 谈谈搜索引擎作弊问题(Search Engine Anti-SPAM) 

19.  Matrix operation and Text classification 矩阵运算和文本处理中的分类问题

20. The Godfather of NLP - MItch Marcus 自然语言处理的教父 马库斯

21. The extension of HMM, Bayesian Networks 马尔可夫链的扩展 贝叶斯网络

22. The principle of cryptography 由电视剧《暗算》所想到的 — 谈谈密码学的数学原理

23. How many keys need we type to input a Chinese character 输入一个汉字需要敲多少个键 — 谈谈香农第一定律



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