Jun Wu's Home Page(中文版请按这里)

Welcome to the web page of Jun Wu 

  • Who am I 

I am currently working in Google as a research scientist. My research is directed at the design and implementation of algorithms for information retrieval and natural language processing. Some of his algorithms are used by millions of people everyday. I am an expert in maximum entropy modeling, statistical NLP and web search.
  My old web pages can be found in Jun Wu@ CS JHU EDU and Jun Wu @ CLSP.

I am also a committee member of Advisory Board of the Whiting School of Engineering in Johns Hopkins. 

  • Where do I come from

Born and brought up in Beijing, I spent more than 20 years and finished my pre-doctor education in Qinghua Yuan (campus of Tsinghua University). Both my parents were faculty members in the school and all my family members went to that school. I selected my life time research fields (natural language processing, speech recogntion and machine learning) in Tsinghua and taught three years there. Then I went to school for my Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins because Fred Jelinek went there and started the center. I spent six years in Baltimore and DC area. My wife and I still treated there as our second hometown. At Hopkins, I met many world renowned as well as many young yet promising scientists in my area. I joined Google after graduation.