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Jun Otsuka

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Address: 1011 East Third Street, Goodbody Hall 130, Bloomington, IN 47405
e-mail:    jotsuka [at] indiana [dot] edu


PhD student, Department of History and Philosophy of Science (minor: biology), Indiana University, Bloomington
Master student, Department of Statistics, Indiana University, Bloomington

PhD, Philosophy, Kyoto University, 2011.
MA, Philosophy, Kyoto University, 2005.
BA, Philosophy, Kyoto University. 2003.

Awards and Fellowships

2011 Encouragement Award (Japan Association for Philosophy of Science, Japan)
2011 Hanson Award (IUB History and Philosophy of Science)
2009 Ishimoto Award (Philosophy of Science Society, Japan)
2008-2010 Fulbright scholarship for graduate study
2008-2009 Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial scholarship
2006-2008 JSPS Research fellow
2006 Jasso Distinguished student award


2012 Fall - present: RA for Indiana Philosophy Ontology project (PI: Colin Allen)
2011 Spring: TA for S420/620 Introduction to Statistical Theory
2010 Fall: TA for S300 Introduction to Applied Statistics