Tech Support: 24 Hour Time Format into 12 Hour Format??

24 Hour Time Format into 12 Hour Format??

Dear All,
I have the below date format some of them are in 24 hour format and some of are in 12 hour format with AM/PM after them.
Now, i am trying to convert the times having 24 hour format like 15:30:37 PM, 14:00:00 AM etc into 12 hour format like 3:30:37 PM & 2:00:00
AM and other time values that are already in 12 hour format should remain the same.
it should only convert 24 hour time format values into 12 hour time format with AM/PM as usual.
I tried the below formula->>
But could not find the desired output.
15:30:37 PM
03:00:00 PM
03:15:25 AM
04:40:15 AM
23:05:45 PM
08:05:10 AM
09:00:05 PM
22:55:00 AM
11:25:00 PM
04:40:00 AM
13:35:59 PM
15:20:00 PM
13:12:00 PM
16:12:00 AM
16:47:17 PM
17:56:38 AM
12:00:00 AM
13:00:00 PM
14:00:00 AM
20:00:00 PM
21:00:00 AM
22:00:00 PM
22:10:00 AM
13.45:27 AM
17.25:00 PM

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Hi Dharmesh,
As far as I know, 22:00 AM does not exist because it is in 24h format.
In 12h format it is 10:00 PM.
AM stands for "Ante Meridiem", "before noo"n and starts at 12:00 AM (this is midnight), 12:00 PM stands for Post Meridiem = noon.
So do not make the mistake that AM stands for After Midnight".
So the sequence in this is:
12AM, 1AM, 2AM, ....
12PM(noon), 1PM up to 11PM

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JP Ronse

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