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Juniper Hill Women’s Golf League Bylaws


Article I          Name:

The name of this organization shall be the Juniper Hill Women’s Golf League, hereafter referred to as the Golf League.

Article II         Objective:

The objectives of the Golf League are to:

·       Promote a greater interest in women’s golf

·       Foster a supportive and educational environment where golfers can learn from or mentor others on the rules and etiquette of golf

·       Recognize golfers for their personal improvement and successes

·       Provide a flexible format that allows the participation of many and promotes both the competitive and fun sides of golf

Article III        Government

Section 1:      Board Members

The Golf League shall be managed by the board members.  The board shall be comprised of the officers and directors elected by the members.  The officers consist of the co-presidents and treasurer.  The directors consist of the schedulers, the tournament committee, the rules committee, the webmaster and the Worcester County representative.

Section 2:      Election of Officers and Directors

At the end of each golf season, the members of the Golf League shall elect the officers and directors to fill any vacancies for the following year.   Nominations will be sought for any open positions.  Any member in good standing[1] may nominate herself or any other member in good standing.  One third of the Golf League members shall constitute a quorum for annual elections.  A simple majority vote shall be used.  All unopposed positions may be grouped together into a slate for election purposes.  The entire slate may be elected with a single simple majority vote.  All opposed positions shall be voted on individually.  New officers and directors shall assume office immediately.

Section 3:      Terms of Office

All officers shall be elected for a 2-year term.  An officer can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms in the same office.  All directors, with the exception of the Worcester County representative, shall be elected for a 1-year term.  The Worcester County representative shall be elected for a 2-year term.  Directors are not limited in the number of consecutive terms that they can serve.

Section 4:      Duties of officers and directors


  • Coordinate and support the efforts for all officers and directors
  • Act as liaison between the Golf League and the Juniper Hill Golf Course
  • Coordinate and support all volunteer efforts for special events
  • Review and implement changes in policies
  • Respond to inquiries regarding the Golf League
  • Preside at all board and membership meetings
  • Coordinate the enrollment period for the Golf League including distribution of enrollment materials
  • Provide an updated Golf League directory to all members
  • Enforce bylaws
  • Take minutes of all board and membership meetings and distribute minutes in a timely manner
  • Maintain the Golf League bylaws
  • Assist with the election of officers and directors including publishing the candidates for election and presiding over all aspects of the election


  • Manages the Golf League funds including all collection and distribution of funds
  • Receives and accounts for all funds and makes authorized disbursements
  • Establishes Golf League budgets
  • Prepares and publishes a detailed year-end financial statement.  This statement should clearly state all expenses and income.  A written copy of the statement shall be available to all who wish to review it.


  • Coordinates tee times with the Juniper Hill Golf Course
  • Produces and distributes a weekly schedule of foursomes
  • Coordinates with the tournament committee to schedule groups appropriately based upon the games specified in the tournament schedule
  • Establishes policies for the cancellation of tee times

Tournament Committee:

  • Promptly reviews and records the scores for all participants in the weekly game
  • Distributes the list of weekly winners to the Golf League members
  • Provides an accurate list of Golf League members’ handicaps to the scheduler whenever handicap changes are published by the GHIN system
  • Maintains and provides accurate course handicaps for the Golf League members on a weekly basis
  • Creates and publishes the tournament schedule for the year
  • Supervises the Juniper Cup match-play tournament
  • Tallies winner information and determines the distribution of prize monies at year-end

Rules Committee:

  • Promotes learning of the USGA and local course rules
  • Researches, interprets and translates rules as necessary
  • Responds to inquiries regarding rules
  • Mediates any rule disputes


  • Maintains and is responsible for content of League website
  • Prepares the League Directory

Worcester County Representative:

  • Serves as liaison to the Worcester County Women’s Golf Association (WCWGA)
  • Represents the Golf League and Juniper Hill at the WCWGA meetings
  • Works with Juniper Hill staff to coordinate annual tournament
  • Promotes the WCWGA to Golf League members communicating rules and membership information
  • Collect fees from the Golf League for WCWGA membership fees
  • Distributes WCWGA books to the Golf League 

Section 5:      Resignation or Removal of Board Members

A board member wishing to resign from her position should give a two-week notice.

A Golf League member may bring a grievance before the board requesting that a board member be removed from office.  The grievance must be submitted in writing with sufficient detail to justify the removal.  The board members other than the board member specified in the grievance shall meet to discuss the grievance and investigate the issue as they see fit.  If the board finds that there is justification for possible removal, a special meeting of the Golf League shall be called.  The grievance and any information from the investigation shall be presented.  A dismissal from the board will require a two-thirds vote of the Golf League members attending the meeting.  One-third of the Golf League members must be present at the special meeting to reach a quorum.

In the event that one of the Co-Presidents is unable to serve her entire term, the other Co-President will fill the remainder of the term in the Co-President’s place and a new Co-President will be elected by the board to serve the remainder of the term.  If any other board member is unable to fulfill her term, the board will elect a Golf League member to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.  All elections by the board will require a two-thirds vote of the remaining board members.

Section 6:      Records and Documentation

The following records and documentation will be maintained by the board members and passed to the newly elected board members within thirty days of when they assume office.

Document                                                                 Responsible Party

Policy Documents                                                        Co-Presidents
            Past Meeting Minutes                                                  Co-Presidents
            Bylaws                                                                         Co-Presidents

Record of payments in arrears                                   Treasurer
            Financial Records/Checking Acct. Information           Treasurer

            Membership Directory                                                 Webmaster
            Rules Interpretations                                                   Rules Committee

            Tournament Forms                                                      Tournament Committee                       

Section 7:      Expenses and Fees

Expenses Incurred
All expenses incurred performing Golf League duties may be submitted to the treasurer for reimbursement.  Members should coordinate with the treasurer prior to incurring the expense to ensure that funds are available.

Waiver of Fees:
Due to the significant weekly contributions of the tournament committee, webmaster and the schedulers these Golf League members are not required to pay their league membership fee.

Section 8:      Grievances

Golf League members may submit a written grievance to officers.  The grievance must be submitted to one of the officers who will bring the issue to the attention of all officers for discussion and a decision.  The officers will inform the member submitting the grievance of the officer’s decision.

Article IV       Fees

Section 1:      Non-profit organization
            The Golf League is a non-profit organization and all monies from any source shall be utilized solely for expenditures and indebtedness to carry out the business of the Golf League.

Section 2:      Determination of Fees

Membership Fees:  The Golf League board shall set the amount of the membership fee and other related fees prior to the enrollment period for the league.  These fees shall be clearly stated in the application for membership.

Special Event Fees: Fees for special events shall be set by the Event Chair, in consultation with the officers, and shall be provided prior to the signup period for the event. 

Section 3:      Payment

Membership Fees: All membership and related fees shall be paid in full when an application for membership is submitted to the Golf League.

Special Event Fees: If required, all fees for special events shall be paid prior to the event. 

Section 4:      Changes to Fees

        The Golf League board shall set membership fees as needed by a two-thirds vote of the board members.

Article V        Membership

Section 1:      Eligibility

            All women with a MGA 18-hole handicap maintained by the Juniper Hill Golf Course of 36 or lower are eligible to join the Golf League.  Any member in good standing as of October 2004 shall be eligible to renew her membership yearly regardless of handicap.  The Golf League board shall have the right to provide membership at their discretion for special cases.  A two-thirds vote of the board is required for a discretionary admittance.

Section 2:      Member Obligations

League members shall comply with all Golf League rules including but not limited to:

·       Paying all fees by the specified date

·       Honoring tee times by playing when scheduled

·       Abiding by the pace of play rules

·       Treating other members with respect

·       Complying with all Juniper Hill Golf Course rules

·       Keeping handicaps current by posting all adjusted scores in a timely manner

Section 3:      Removal or Suspension from Golf League

Golf League members who refuse or neglect to comply strictly with the bylaws and any duly enacted rules of the Golf League or with any decisions handed down by the officers shall be subject to suspension or expulsion.

A member of the Golf League may be suspended from the Golf League for the following reasons:

·       Not showing up for scheduled tee times. A warning will be issued if two tee times are missed.  A third infraction will result in a two week suspension.

·       Failure to pay fees for an event shall result in a suspension of privileges until the fee is paid.

·       Failure to pay the membership and related fees by the date on the application shall result in removal from the Golf League.  This payment includes any fees from the previous year that were not paid.

Article VI       Meetings

Section 1:      Board Meetings

A simple majority of the board members must be present to constitute a quorum for a board meeting.  Board meetings shall be held when necessary as determined by the Golf League officers.  Minutes will be available to any member upon request.

Section 2:      Membership Meetings

One-third of the total membership must be present and in good standing to constitute a quorum for a Golf League membership meeting.  There shall be a minimum of two meetings per year.  The first meeting shall be held on the opening day of the league and the second meeting in conjunction with the annual elections on the final day.

Section 3:      Special Meetings

A special meeting of the membership may be called at any time by the Co-Presidents or at the request of five (5) or more members.  These members shall make the request in writing, including the reason for their request, to the Co-Presidents who will then call the meeting.

Article VII      Amending Bylaws

The Golf League bylaws may be amended using the following process:

  1. An amendment proposed to the Golf League Board and approved by a two-thirds vote.
  2. An amendment delivered to the Golf League membership for review at least one week prior to the membership meeting when the amendment is presented for approval.
  3. The Golf League membership approves the amendment by a two-thirds vote of the members attending the meetin 

Revision History:


Revision #


April 29, 2014


Deleted position of vice president

Added positions of co-presidents and webmaster

Changed duties of co-president and added duties of webmaster

Deleted waiver of membership fee for co-presidents

April 21, 2013


Deleted restriction of serving by officers and directors.

Deleted treasurer’s unnecessary tasks.

Deleted tournament committee’s attendance tracking.

Added waiver of membership fee for the president.

March 29, 2010


Corrected typographical errors and corrected Article numbering.

October 5, 2005


Added a footnote definition for member in good standing.

January 20, 2005


Updated Treasurer duties to clarify that tracking the value of donations is for budgeting purposes only.

January 15, 2005


Grammar and punctuation corrections. Final document for review by board.

October 18, 2004


Removed inappropriate material

Expanded responsibilities

Clarified terms of office

Added suspension and removal criteria for board and members

September 19, 2001


Initial document


[1] A member in good standing is one that has met all obligations as outlined in Article V Section 2 Member Obligations.


[1] A member in good standing is one that has met all obligations as outlined in Article V Section 2 Member Obligations.