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Two Club

As at many other clubs, JHWGL supports the “2 Club” within our league.

Many of you are familiar with this concept from other places you play, and

the basic characteristics of the “2 Club” will also apply here.

The rules are simple:

Any existing member of the “2 Club” may sponsor new inductees. If you

score a 2 on a hole while you are playing with a member of the “2 Club”,

you may also become a member. It is not mandatory.

Any league member who becomes a member of the “2 Club” should

send an email to Willa Belcher (ewillab@aol.com) noting the date of your

induction and the name of your sponsor/s, as well as whether you would

like to purchase a “2 Club” pin.

Once you join the “2 Club”, whenever you score a 2 on a hole and are

playing with a member or members of the “2 Club”, each “2 Club” member

in your foursome pays you $1.

You may purchase a “2 Club” pin for the cost of $4. You may wish (it

is not mandatory) to wear or display your “2 Club” to identify your


League members who have become members of the “2 Club” elsewhere are

automatically members of the JHWGL “2 Club” once you have notified us of

that fact. A list of current members of the “2 Club” will be maintained on

the web site. 

Please email Willa Belcher if you have been inadvertently left off the list of

“2 Club” members, or if you need a replacement “2 Club” pin.

Current (2018) JHWGL Members

 Jane Audrey-Neuhauser  Founding member (Braintree Municipal)
 Brenda Barry                          Pembroke CC, 2016
 Willa Belcher  Founding member (Naples, FL)
 Jane Benoit  2014
 Kathryn Boone  New member, 2018
 Marcy Broden   Founding member
 Midge Callahan  2014
 Barbara Cassell  2013
 Kathy Clausen  2015
 Ginny Evans  Founding Member (Juniper Hill)
 Gina Haigh  2013
 Elayne Hatch-Finney  Founding Member (Juniper Hill)
 Joan Kilcoyne  New member, 2014
 Priscilla Kirby  2016
 Erla Mallett  2013
 Ellie Manseau  2016 (Wedgewood Pines)
 Nancy Moorhouse  2014
 Judy Peters  Founding member (Juniper Hill)
 Pat Potenza  2017
 Nancy Rice  2015 (Cyprian Keyes)
 Georgina Richardson  2014
 Lynne Silver  2015 (Sterling National)
 Janet Smith  Founding member (Juniper Hill)
 Tina Thompson  Founding member (Juniper Hill)
 Jill Tobey  2016
 Linda Valinski   2015
 Janet Wheeler  2013
 Cindy Witte   New member, 2018
 Jane Yates  2014
 Dottie Zale  Founding member