Welcome to the Juniper Hill Women's Golf League  web site.   
                                                 We are an 18-hole women's league.  
We play on Tuesday mornings from April through Oct. 
at  Juniper Hill Golf Course in Northborough, MA.

        The Juniper Hill Women’s Golf League objectives are to:

1) Promote a greater interest in women’s golf.

2) Foster a supportive and educational environment where golfers can learn from or mentor others on the rules and etiquette of golf.

3) Recognize golfers for their personal improvement and successes.

4) Provide a flexible format that allows the participation of many and promotes both the competitive and fun sides of golf.

JULY 16th Results - Lakeside Course
Congratulations to All - The Tournament Committee

           There were three winners of the Game of the Week, with a score of 32:
           Dorothy Nail, Marie Novicki, and Linda Valinski

           Low Gross winners:

           Flight A - Kathy Storey - 85
           Flight B - Karen Ward - 93
           Flight C - Elayne Hatch-Finney - 95
           Flight D - Orysia Melnyk - 100

           Low Net Par or Under:
           Lynne Silver - 68, Jane Benoit - 70, Diane Sutch - 70,
           Susie Johnson - 71, and Anne Marie DiPierro - 71

           Closest to the pin - Mary Altenhof - 10' 3"