Welcome to the Juniper Hill Women's Golf League  web site.   
                                                 We are an 18-hole women's league.  
We play on Tuesday mornings from April through Oct. 
at  Juniper Hill Golf Course in Northborough, MA.

        The Juniper Hill Women’s Golf League objectives are to:

1) Promote a greater interest in women’s golf.

2) Foster a supportive and educational environment where golfers can learn from or mentor others on the rules and etiquette of golf.

3) Recognize golfers for their personal improvement and successes.

4) Provide a flexible format that allows the participation of many and promotes both the competitive and fun sides of golf.

Juniper Hill Women's Golf League

Enjoyed an End-of-Season 

Round and Lunch on 

October 2nd 2018.

We Look Forward to Spring 2019!

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and value cards and
course information.