Knitting Abbreviations

Below are some common (and not-so-common) knitting abbreviations.  Keep an eye out for the occasional crochet term, since these are often used in knitting.  Cable abbreviations are not included here, but on their own page.
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( ) Alternative sizing/shaping instructions 
[ ] Repeat instructions within brackets 
** Repeat instructions following or between asterisks 
bef Before 
beg Began, begin, beginning, begins, begun 
bet Between 
BO Bind off, Cast off 
BOR Beginning of round/row 
bot Bottom 
cc Contrasting color 
ccd Central chain decrease: s1, K2t, psso 
cdd Central double decrease: sl2togKw, K1, psso (both slipped stitches at same time) 
ch Chain 
circ Circular needle 
cm Centimeter 
CO Cast on 
cont Continue, continued, continues, continuing, continuous 
dec Decrease, decreased, decreases, decreasing 
dk Double-knit, double-knits, double-knitting 
dpn Double-pointed needle(s) 
EOR End of round/row 
foll Follow, followed, following, follows 
fr From 
frog To rip out stitches from knitting (rip it, rippit, ribbit...) 
g, gr Gram, grams 
GSt Garter stitch 
inc Increase, increased, increases, increasing 
K#/b, K#tbl Knit X number of stitches through the back loop (from the top down) 
Kf/b, Kf&b Knit into front of stitch, keep stitch on LHN, then back of same stitch. Rem fr LHN. 
KP(KPK...) Knit and Purl into same stitch (multiple times, as indicated) 
K#t, K#tog Knit X number of stitches together 
Kw Knit-wise 
linc Lifted increase: Work in the strand between the stitches through the back loop 
Meter (less common: marker) 
M1 Make one increase: Subject of a future Technique of the Month, due to variations 
mm Millimeter 
oz Ounce 
pat pattern, patterned, patterning, patterns 
P#/b, P#tbl Purl X number of stitches through the back loop (from the bottom up) 
pm, m Marker, place marker, placed marker 
prov Provisional 
psso Pass the slipped stitch(es) over 
p#sso Pass X number of stitches over 
P#t, P#tog Purl X number of stitches together 
pu/K, pu/P Pick up and Knit; pick up and Purl 
Pw Purl-wise 
Round, Row 
rem Remove, removed, removes, removing 
rep Repeat, repeated, repeating, repeats 
rev Reverse, reversed, reverses, reversible, reversing 
rib Rib, ribbed, ribbing, ribs 
rnd Round 
RS Right side 
s# Slip X number of stitches 
s2tKwKp Central double decrease 
sc Single crochet 
sel Selvage 
sel st Selvage stitch: K/b 1st stitch of every row; last stitch of every row worked s1 Pw wyif 
sk Slip knot (less common: skip) 
sK2tp Central chain decrease 
sKp Slip 1, Knit 1, pass the slipped stitch over the Knit stitch 
sl Slip, slipped, slipping, slips 
sPp Slip 1, Purl 1, pass the slipped stitch over the Purled stitch 
s/sK s1 Kw, s1 Pw, K both tog tbl; neater than straight ssK 
ssK, sssK Slip, slip, [slip] Knit (sl2 Kw, 1 at a time; place LHN into sl sts Pw; K2b) 
ssP, sssP Slip, slip, [slip] Purl (sl2 Kw, 1 at a time; yif; P2t/b) 
st Stitch, stitched, stitches, stitching 
StSt Stockinette stitch 
tbl Through the back loop 
tink To un-knit (K-N-I-T spelled backwards) 
t, tog Together 
UFO Unfinished object 
wip Work in progress 
wpi Wraps per inch 
WS Wrong side 
wyib, wyif With the yarn in back, front 
yd Yard, yards 
yfwd Yarn forward (same as yif) 
yib Place yarn in the back of the work 
yif Place yarn at the front of the work 
y, yo Yarn over (UK: yarn forward) 
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