How it all started

One Sunday in October 2014 we were on the way to the dog park in Cologne. Emanuele was driving and he began to sing the song "Say something".  Suddenly Junior (our French Bulldog) started to sing to the song.
Walter, who was sitting in the passenger seat, started to laugh, because he saw for the first time that Junior raised his head, howled to the music and his friend who normally acts like an Italian Macho, did the same, namely to imitate our dog lifting the head to the sky.

Walter filmed this scene and uploaded the file to Facebook to share it with our friends.

The video has been shared and liked from our friends. In 3 days the video reached on Facebook more than 3.2 million people.

Every few seconds were received friend requests on Facebook from strangers from all around the world.

A few days later the video made his way to the online portals of Germany's largest daily newspapers. A virtual video hit was born.

Meanwhile, there are already a large Junior- fan-base. 120.000 people from all around the world are following our postings on Juniors Facebook-Fan-Page.

Our videos have been broadcasted in Spain, Brazil, Netherland, Japan, Germany, UK and even in Dubai. And it seems that every week approximately 1.000 Fans are joining the Junior-fan group. Be a part of the Junior-mania.