Although we are not superstitious, 2013 was a very difficult year for us and for many of our friends.

Emanuele got cancer (first) without realizing it. Junior was the reason why he discovered cancer early enough and right in time.
Middle / End of May 2013 Junior changed his behaviour suddenly. He began to lick the skin of Emanuele constantly and incessantly. At the beginning we did not understand his behaviour and found it strange and funny. However, Junior crept even at night under the bedcover of Emanuele (which he had never done before) and could not stop to lick Emanuele.

We are not biologists and not scientists. Bulldogs are often licking wounds on them or on people to clean the wounds to support the healing process.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, because they have more olfactory cells than humans (Bulldogs: 100 million / humans: 5 million) and a larger proportion of the brain (bulldogs: 10% / humans: 1%) deals with the evaluation of these sensations. Dogs can smell "stereo" and track the trace of odor for months.
Imagine, you would have these skills. You stand on the street and smell, who has passed 2 or 3 days ago on this point. Unbelievable, right?

Everyone has a unique smell image for the dogs. A change of this Odor image can be recognised by the dogs. For example, diabetes-sniffing dogs are trained to give signs and alarms in the case of a low sugar level.
These dogs have the ability to smell a low blood sugar level in the sweat and in the breath of the patient.
On the Internet there are many experience reports that dogs have discovered the cancer of their owners:
Some fans wrote us that the own dog wanted to bite the skin cancer out of their skin and therefore the owner only thereby became aware of the skin cancer.

Emanuele’s situation was similar. Junior changed his behavour. He pressed in that time his head against the place of Emanuele’s body where the cancer later was found. He also wanted to bite Emanuele’s testicle.

During a “fight” between Emanuele and Junior, who wanted to bite Emanuele’s testicle, Emanuele noticed an unusual hardening why Emanuele went the next day to his doctor.
The first diagnostic, namely testicular cancer, was wrong. It has been corrected to "non-Hodgkin” lymphoma.

Emanuele got chemotherapy for several months.

He is now cancer-free and he enjoys his health.

The chemotherapy was very tough and changed his attitude towards life. He tries to enjoy his life to the fullest and he is grateful to
be alive.